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Working Remotely Doesn’t Mean You Have To Work From Home

Many of today’s business professionals utilize a hybrid work model. Sometimes, they work in their offices and other times, they work from home. Working remotely provides a long list of conveniences. Just one of them is the fact that it enables you to work wherever you like. As the title of today’s blog insists, working remotely doesn’t mean you have to work from home. So where else can a remote worker get his/her job done?

A museum or gallery.

A museum or gallery offers you culture-rich surroundings. For many business professionals, an environment buzzing with history and art is the ideal space to be creative and productive. Of course, museums and galleries are also often pretty quiet. However, they do, of course, offer a bit of that “other people are here” ambiance that you would get in a traditional office work space.

“Calm, quiet and almost always housed in grand buildings, museums make a fascinating alternative to your office,” believes Norwegian technology company, Memory, “In-house restaurants usually provide ample seating and food choices, and you can use break time to explore and learn something new.”

A hotel lobby.

If you often travel for work, you’re no stranger to hotels. Certainly, your hotel room may provide you with the peace and quiet you need to complete your daily tasks. But perhaps, peace and quiet isn’t exactly your thing. Do you prefer a little hustle and bustle in your life? Are you looking to recreate the buzz that you’re accustomed to in your traditional workplace? If so, consider visiting a comfortable area of your hotel lobby to plug in and get to work.

“You don’t have to go on vacation to enjoy a hotel lobby,” writes Kimberli Lowe-MacAuley on, “Most lobbies are set up with tables and chairs to facilitate working while on the move. Why not settle into a corner of your local hotel once in a while? You can grab a coffee from their lobby café and then stroll around downtown after work is done for the day.”

A library.

Perhaps the most obvious choice on our list, libraries represent the epitome of quiet work spaces. The guaranteed peacefulness of a library will help you to concentrate on your important tasks. Not to mention, a library will provide you with a wealth of knowledge well within reach. If you get the urge to research information the old school way, a library will surely assist you with their books as well as a wide variety of media.

“If you haven’t yet considered becoming a member of your local library, you should – because they’re great,” champions Memory, “But aside from supporting your community, they also make for really productive remote workspaces. Save them for hyper-focused, distraction-free deep work. (Printing facilities are an added bonus).”

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