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Working From Home In A Busy House Made Easy

Do you live in a home filled with family members and/or roommates? If so, you might be finding it difficult to work from home and be productive. In our last blog, we listed some effective ways to remain productive in a work space full of distractions. They included establishing a dedicated workstation, utilizing sound-reducing headphones and sticking to a firm quitting time. In today’s blog, we’ll reveal a few more ways to make working from home in a busy house easy.

Keep your phone at a distance.

Sometimes, it’s not family members who distract us. We see our phones flash and immediately become intrigued to pick them up. The notifications we get on our phones can often take our attention away from the work we’re doing. Although many of us may need our phones for work, those who do not should actually keep their phones in another room. At least, this is the recommendation that comes from

“As weird as it may feel to be without your phone, these little devices are one of the biggest reasons for distraction at work,” insists the website, “If you can leave it in another room for at least a few hours at a time, you’ll be able to zone in on the work you’re doing without things like social media notifications stealing your attention away.”

Take scheduled breaks.

In some cases, you can be your own worst distraction. We’re talking about burnout here. It’s understandable that some work-from-home professionals would like to zip through their days in order to get as much free time in the afternoons and evenings as possible. But is that truly the most productive way to handle your professional responsibilities? Working without taking a break can cause your mind to get overwhelmed and frazzled. Taking breaks actually helps you to maintain focus.

“The most common misconception about remote work is that it enables slackers,” points out Brittany Harker Martin on, “Successful remote workers are driven by the outcomes they are trying to deliver, and research shows they are not always exemplars of work-life balance. Taking scheduled breaks not only keeps your mind fresh, but it also signals to others that wellness is important.”

Create a morning routine and stick to it.

It’s easy to take a lackadaisical approach to work when you don’t have an office to report into. However, it doesn’t help your productivity when you haphazardly approach each day of work. It’s important to be dependable and organized. Even though you may not work alongside co-workers, it doesn’t mean no one is relying on you to do your part. Creating and sticking to a morning routine means that your colleagues, co-workers and clients can depend on you to be available throughout each work day.

“Starting your day when working from home can be challenging,” acknowledges, “Especially when you’re tempted to work from the comfort of your bed, but getting up and performing a daily morning routine can help build solid habits and get you in the right mindset to work.”

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