The holiday season is officially underway! What an exciting time of year. There are all types of celebrations about to take place. Hanukkah has already started. It began this past Sunday and goes until Monday. That’s when Kwanzaa begins and goes until New Year’s Day. Of course, Christmas Day is this Sunday! We hope you’re as excited as we are for this year’s holiday season.

On behalf of the entire Unity Payments team, we would like to wish everyone a wonderful holiday season. May this year’s festivities be the most fun you’ve had in years! We can’t imagine that will be difficult. Because of the pandemic, many of us have had our traditional holiday plans ruined over the past couple of years. Here’s hoping you are surrounded by loved ones making many fun memories all throughout the weekend.

As we enter the holidays, allow us to remind you of how Unity Payments can help you to grow your business all year-round.

We offer numerous payment solutions.

Do you accept credit cards and debit cards at your place of business? Unity Payments offers a number of payment processing solutions to help you do so. They include the Newland 910, the Ingenico Desk 5000, the Ingenico Move 5000 and the Poynt Smart Terminal. This revolutionary terminal offers an exceptional payment experience for your customers. With it, you can keep track of all your orders and inventory as well as access dozens of reports about your business and its customers all in one place.

We offer virtual terminals.

Do you work from home? Are you often on the go? Did you know that you can turn your smartphone, tablet or laptop computer into a POS terminal? With Unity Payments’ Virtual Terminals, you can accept payments from anywhere you are digitally. Turn just about any computer or mobile device into a terminal that accepts credit cards and debit cards. You can begin taking payments anytime, anywhere either in person, online or on the go.

We offer e-commerce solutions.

Do you have an online shop? Or have you been missing out on the huge sales numbers that come with having an e-commerce solution? Unity Payments’ online payment gateway makes it easy to sell your products online. We provide a direct connection to our powerful and reliable processing network, which can help eliminate the costs and complexities of dealing with a third-party gateway provider. 

We can help develop your restaurant’s online menu.

Are you a restaurant owner? Do you still hand out paper-based menus to your guests? Would you like to reap the benefits of allowing customers to place orders online? With Unity Payments’ online ordering system for restaurants, you can accept food orders directly from your website!

Easily set up your menu, make live menu updates, manage inventory, process takeout and delivery requests, schedule pick-ups, create promo codes and more. Actively review how your business is running with access to real-time reporting and discover how these metrics can be measured to improve business performance.

For more information about any and all of our services, please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-800-661-3761 or email us at to learn more. Happy Holidays!