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Why Your Smartphone Is Integral To Your Business

Do you know anyone who doesn’t own a smartphone? These days, you’d be hard pressed to meet someone who isn’t a user of these notoriously convenient handheld devices. In today’s world, a smartphone is a person’s “everything”. In addition to making and taking phone calls, these rectangular gadgets serve as mini-computers. They connect people to the internet and provide a myriad of other services like being a photo and video camera.

Just how integral is a smartphone to your business?

Even without a gander at the title of this blog, the answer should be obvious. You practically can’t afford to not utilize smartphone technology to both promote your brand and conduct business. Over the past decade, smartphone use has dramatically increased. We’re talking “through the roof” proportions.

As reported by Brian O’Connell on, ComScore research found that mobile digital app use grew by roughly 50 percent between 2016 and 2018. More than 75 percent of that growth was “directly attributable” to the mobile app. O’Connell quotes ComScore as reporting that “mobile has grown so fast that it’s now the leading digital platform, with total activity on smartphones and tablets accounting for 62% of digital media time spent, and apps alone now representing the majority of digital media time at 54%.”

How valuable are smartphone apps for businesses?

It should go without saying that the strength of a company’s online presence in hugely important in today’s world. The current pandemic is proof positive of that. Without enabling consumers to both learn of your company and make direct purchases online, you’re practically asking for your brand to fail. On, Jack Gordon encourages small business owners to develop smartphone apps to help them level the playing field with such giants as eBay and Amazon.

“The rapid adoption of smartphones has made it easier to reach customers on the go, using websites designed for mobile platforms and mobile commerce apps,” he writes, “Such apps provide a convenient shopping cart and payment method with direct access to your retail store. GPS-enabled apps make it simple for customers to find restaurants, gas stations and other businesses through local search.”

How can your smartphone be used for marketing purposes?

The power of smartphones isn’t found exclusively in apps, of course. Sometimes we forget the main purpose of these devices. Naturally, you can make and take calls from anywhere on a smartphone. This enables you to remain constantly accessible to your clients and colleagues. Furthermore, taking advantage of SMS marketing strategies (where you can send text messages to subscribers) is a great way to utilize smartphones for your business.

“Cell phones make it possible for management and clients to interact with employees via quick text updates, which decreases the risk of misunderstandings and lost messages while freeing up time that would be spent on person-to-person meetings,” says Gordon, “Typically, cell phones offer clients direct communication with employees instead of navigating a front desk or automated answering system.”

Did you know you can turn your smartphone into a POS terminal?

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