Touch Screen Kiosks

Why Your Restaurant Should Install A Touch Screen Kiosk

In 2021, we are all quite used to ordering food from restaurants without actually visiting restaurants. Online ordering has become all the rage in the wake of the pandemic. But with COVID-19 restrictions now lifting, restaurant owners everywhere are beginning to see an uptick in in-person visits. While some indoor dining restrictions are still in effect, it appears as if most people are ready for the dine-in restaurant experience again. That is, of course, with a few changes.

With a touch screen kiosk in your restaurant, you can eliminate unnecessary contact between your visitors and your staff members. But, in addition to safety, there are several other reasons why your restaurant should install a touch screen kiosk. Let’s take a look at a few, shall we?

It makes upselling a lot easier.

Depending on your type of restaurant, your staff members may be trained to upsell to your customers. And while this is a part of the job, not everyone may be comfortable trying to push additional items for purchase on your visitors. Touch screen kiosks, on the other hand, do not have such concerns. They make make it easy for your restaurant to upsell its customers.

As Becky Krystal reports for The Washington Post, customers may also be willing to buy additional food from kiosks because the privacy of the transactions means no one is judging them. “Suggestions can be customized for particular orders, too,” she points out, “Someone who buys a burger might be offered fries, or a person who orders a salad could be offered a yogurt. On average…customers spend 15 to 20 percent more when ordering from a kiosk.”

It enhances order accuracy.

There’s almost nothing worse than getting an order wrong. Even the smallest mix-up can significantly impact a customer’s impression of your restaurant. A touch screen kiosk puts the onus on the customer to make the correct selections. And with all of the visual representations of your menu items displayed, that is so easy to do!

“With your customers selecting and submitting their own orders, the margin of error for orders will decrease significantly,” writes Katherine Pendrill on, “A kiosk with a visual menu is incredibly valuable in reducing miscommunication because it ensures that your patrons know exactly what they’re ordering, thereby preventing those ‘This isn’t what I ordered’ conversations.”

Your customers are accustomed to digital ordering.

As mentioned earlier, these days, we’re used to ordering our food online. Using digital means to select menu options is nothing new. This is why the ordering-in-person experience shouldn’t be all that different than the ordering-from-home experience. A touch screen kiosk will simplify the ordering process for customers who are quite comfortable interacting with a digital interface.

“With the ubiquity of smartphones and online ordering, fewer customers bat an eye at touch screens,” writes Krystal, “But restaurateurs realize they have one shot to get things right before a frustrated diner walks out the door.”

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