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Why Your Customers Want To Pay With Their Debit Cards

In our last blog, we revisited the many benefits of credit card use and pointed out why your customers want to pay for their purchases with credit. Arguably, debit cards are just as popular as credit cards. In Canada, we popularly refer to our debit cards as “Interac cards” after the company that provides them.

2018 “saw the total number of debit transactions increase by 216 million compared to 2017,” reports Interac, “A total of 498,248 merchants accepted debit in 2018, swelling by a total of 37,248 businesses. The sustained adoption and growth of debit suggests this payment platform continues to suit the changing needs of both consumers and businesses.”

What makes debit card use so popular?

It helps consumers to avoid debt.

As you’re aware, credit cards allow shoppers to borrow money. The purchases they make are effectively paid for by the credit card company. Cardholders are then required to pay the credit card company at a later date. That’s the way credit works. You’re spending money you may not necessarily have at the moment. If you overspend, it can put you in debt. This can be avoided with a debit card as a user can only spend up to the amount of money in his/her bank account.

“A debit card draws on money that the user already has, eliminating the danger of racking up debt,” explains Mark P. Cussen on, “Retailers know people usually spend more when using plastic than if they were paying cash. By using debit cards, impulsive spenders can avoid the temptation of credit and stick to their budget. This can help keep you out of high-interest debt.”

It requests no annual fee.

There are numerous credit cards on the market. The card most suitable for each consumer depends on his/her spending style and/or interests in perks and bonuses. Many of these cards have annual fees. Depending on the usage of the card, the annual fee can be considered well worth the expense. In some cases, however, shoppers much prefer to use cards that have no annual fee. Debit cards fall into that category.  

“Though many credit cards charge an annual fee, debit cards don’t,” informs Cussen, “There’s also no fee for withdrawing cash using your debit card at your bank’s ATM. Credit cards, on the other hand, can charge a cash advance fee plus a steep interest rate for that convenience. However, you may pay other fees to maintain your checking account.”

It offers fraud protection.

As we noted in our last blog, many credit cards offer protection against fraud as well as other warranties. Debit cards offer similar benefits. As Cussen points out, “in the past, credit cards offered far greater fraud protection than debit cards. Some debit cards—particularly those issued by payment processors, such as Visa or Mastercard—are starting to offer more of the protections enjoyed by credit card users.”

Do you accept debit cards at your business?

At Unity Payments, we proudly offer Canadian merchants a variety of high-quality POS terminals to choose from. You can easily and securely accept credit card and debit card payments with the Newland 910, the Ingenico Desk 5000 or the Ingenico Move 5000. To learn all about your options, please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-800-661-3761. You may also email us at