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Why Wireless Will Be The Way To Go In 2021

2021 is just around the corner. In just over two weeks, we’ll finally be celebrating a new year. For many people, 2020 can’t end soon enough. The year has been an incredibly tough one to endure, given the fact that COVID-19 has completely changed our lives. When the calendar flips over, however, there’s no guarantee the pandemic will be behind us. Nevertheless, we join you in hoping that much better days are on the horizon.

One thing is for sure. Technology continues to update at a rapid pace. Specifically, wireless devices are not only commonplace, these days, but practically mandatory. In a coronavirus-impacted world, business owners have been forced to offer their customers new and inventive ways to get them their products. Curbside pickup, delivery and takeout options have all become more popular than ever. As a result, wireless payment options have basically become must-haves.

Consumers expect credit card processing to be instantaneous.

Wireless terminals provide your customers with exactly what they’re looking for – quick and easy payment experiences. When you use a wireless terminal, you give people so much more flexibility when it comes to their shopping. A customer no longer has to visit your store to swipe his/her credit card. You can make a delivery and bring the POS terminal directly to his/her doorstep.

As well, in the past, traditional POS terminals forced customers to have to wait in lines at checkout counters. Today, wireless terminals can be brought to wherever your customers may be in the store. By going wireless, retailers are able to get more value out of their spaces. This is especially true when they attend trade shows and conventions. A wireless terminal makes it so that a transaction can be processed anywhere and at any time!

Wireless terminals are COVID-19 necessities.

Of course, all of the abovementioned actions are those that are generally taken during a time when a pandemic isn’t occurring. Today, you may have a limit on how many people are allowed in your store. Depending on where you are located in Canada, your store may not even be open at the moment. Does that mean you can’t process any sales at all? It’s certainly shouldn’t.

Small businesses gain the biggest benefits from using wireless terminals. By eliminating the need to be plugged in, a wireless terminal lets a small business owner change the way his/her business operates. As mentioned earlier, he/she can offer delivery options and take payments on doorsteps. He/she can offer curbside delivery and take payments on sidewalks. Simply put, using a wireless terminal can help to save your business in 2021!

Take going wireless to the next level with Poynt!

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