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Why Shoppers Prefer Using Credit Cards For Holiday Gift Purchases

As we approach the middle of October, holiday shopping is becoming a topic of discussion for many Canadians. Yes, the holiday season isn’t quite here yet. However, for many consumers, it’s never too early to get the jump on the busiest shopping season of the year. It’s important for business owners to keep this in mind. In addition to preparing your store for the forthcoming rush, it’s wise to remember the importance of offering customers a variety of payment options.

Most Canadian shoppers prefer to use credit cards to pay for their holiday gift purchases. Let’s discuss why.

Credit cards enable shoppers to extend their payments.

Not everyone can pay for their purchases in full. Especially with the pandemic having caused many people financial hardships, it’s important for consumers to be given a little leeway in the payment department. Credit cards do just that. When you accept credit cards as methods of payments, you give your customers the peace of mind in knowing they can extend their payments if they wish.

On, Kristine Gill reminds credit card users to not overspend during any given month. “If you are planning to pay your credit card off fully each month…(spread) purchases out over the next few months to avoid a large credit card bill at the end of December or early January,” she writes.

Credit cards reward users for their spending.

Who wouldn’t prefer to get more bang for their buck? Many consumers enjoy using credit cards that offer them reward points. That way, when they make purchases, they get more than what they purchased. By collecting points with each purchase, a person can inevitably redeem for such perks as airline tickets, hotel stays, car rentals and more.

“If you use cash back, mileage, or rewards cards to make your purchase, you’ll benefit from all the holiday spending you have to do anyway,” notes Christy Bieber on, “You may be able to reduce the costs of your purchases by a few percent if you earn cash back. You could also potentially score a free trip or some nice merchandise to reward yourself for all your hard work making the holidays special during these crazy times.”

Credit cards allow shoppers to spend with more freedom.

With cash, a person can only spend up to the amount he/she has on hand. With a credit card, a person can spend up to the limit on the account. For the most part, that means that credit card usage enables more spending freedom. In addition to being able to pay the balance off over time, credit cards also give people the security that their money won’t be lost or stolen. Lost or stolen cash is generally gone forever while a missing credit card can easily be replaced.

“Wondering how much to budget for presents?” asks Gill who introduces the 50/30/20 rule,” “This breakdown allocates half of your monthly income for needs such as housing, food, and gas. The 20 percent will go to savings, retirement, and debts while about 30 percent can be used for wants such as entertainment, dining out, and giving gifts.”

Do you accept credit cards as methods of payment?

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