Why Restaurants Need To Let Customers Order Online

The coronavirus pandemic simply won’t let up. Sadly, over the course of our holiday break, the Omicron variant made it so that COVID-19 cases skyrocketed to never-before-seen numbers. As a result, many restrictions have been resurrected. Here in Ontario, where Unity Payments is headquartered, these restrictions were implemented, as of January 5th.

Not surprisingly, restaurants were hit hard. For the time being, indoor dining at restaurants, bars and other food or drink establishments will not be permitted. Outdoor dining with restrictions, takeout, drive through and delivery is permitted. Therefore, it is practically imperative that restaurants everywhere allow their customers to order their meals online. It’s the best way to ensure that revenue is continuously generated while these restrictions are in place.

Online ordering helps to boost sales.

Having to shut down dining rooms at various points over the past two years has created a major problem for the bottom lines of restaurateurs everywhere. However, with an online ordering system in place, not only can sales continue, they can grow. According to New Zealand’s Order Meal, the biggest advantage of using online ordering systems is the fact that they can significantly increase revenue.

“Online ordering systems generate higher revenues than in-store orders because you are targeting a bigger number of customers,” states their website, “Your sales are practically guaranteed this way and you have the flexibility for both parties. You can choose the optimal strategy to boost your sales even more while the customers have the flexibility to place the orders from their favourite devices and at times that suit them the most.”

Online ordering is a great time-saver.

By having your restaurant’s menu online and by allowing people to make direct orders, a lot of time is saved. No one has to visit your restaurant in order to know what meals are available. As well, it let you avoid having your employees man the phone lines. Instead of taking orders over the phone, your team can focus on the preparation and delivery of meals.

“By using an online ordering system, you have maximum flexibility to show off all of your food at once and customers can look them up and choose their favourite meals with just a couple of clicks,” reports Order Meal, “Customers can easily combine orders on a single page as well.”

Online ordering helps to prevent mistakes.

An online ordering system assures accuracy of orders. When your staff members are required to take orders over the phone, they are tasked with writing down information that could be misheard. The combination of bad connections and background noise is all that is needed to process the wrong order. Needless to say, this can lead to severe customer dissatisfaction.

“By using an online ordering system, you are giving the customers full control of their orders and you can easily streamline all of your operations,” notes Order Meal, “That will practically eliminate all human errors and it will significantly boost your profit along the way as well.”

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