These days, the term “remote work” is a pretty common phrase. It’s part of our everyday lives, thanks to the pandemic. Although remote work has been a thing for a long time, the number of professionals who currently work outside of the traditional office is at an all-time high. The way things are going, it’s not likely that a return to “regular work” will occur any time soon. Even in a non-pandemic world, working from home and other places is likely to remain popular.

This is welcome news to employees of all types of business. There are many reasons why remote work makes them happy.

It saves them a ton of time.

How long is your commute to work each morning? For some workers, entire three-hour chunks are taken from each day due to their round trip times. Not only does remote work enable a person to save time, it saves him/her money as well. On, Asya Stamenova notes that independent scheduling is a dream come true for many an employee.

“As well as saving time on commuting, having a remote job means employees manage their own schedules,” she explains, “Some people work better in the mornings than in the afternoons. And some come alive with ideas in the evenings. As long as the time you’re working doesn’t affect your colleagues and you meet deadlines then you can work when you wish.”

It makes them their jobs more fun.

If you want a productive staff, it’s vital to make them happy. Employees who are happy perform their jobs better and actually enjoy coming into work every day. Who knew that eliminating the whole “coming into work” portion of the job would boost happiness so much? Well, when you allow for the comforts of home to be a constant, you make one’s job a lot more fun.

According to Laurel Farrer reports on, remote work is a top reason that employees stay on the job instead of looking for work elsewhere. “54% of employees say they would change jobs for one that offered them more flexibility, which results in an average of 12% turnover reduction after a remote work agreement is offered,” she writes.

It offers them fewer distractions.

The traditional workplace can often be a source of distraction. If you’re the type of person who likes to work in peace and quiet, remote work is for you. That is because you get the opportunity to select your own work area. In the office, you have no control over the noise, lighting and other elements of the facility. At home, you can have your work station in any room you like. This helps for you to control and minimize any distractions you may face.

“A traditional office is often noisy and distracting,” Stamenova reminds us, “Phones are ringing, people are talking, and there’s a general buzz. Whilst this is great from a social point of view it can be difficult to work in this environment. Some people need to work in total silence to focus. Working remotely, particularly from home, can allow for creative thinking and greater productivity. Whether there’s a great view from the window or a brick wall – silence is golden.”

Do you work remotely?

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