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Why Online Ordering Is Essential For Restaurant Success

We no longer live in a world where delicious food is the top reason a restaurant is successful. These days, consumers expect convenience and speed in every aspect of their lives, including dining out. The pandemic accelerated the adoption of online ordering. Today, it has become even more critical for restaurants to offer this option to their customers.

Why is online ordering so essential for a restaurant’s success?

It offers convenience to customers.

In a world where consumers are accustomed to instant gratification, online ordering offers a convenient and streamlined way for customers to place their orders. Hungry people can browse through menus, customize their orders and make payments all from the comfort of their homes or offices. This can be especially appealing for those who are busy, have mobility issues or are hesitant to dine in-person due to the pandemic.

It gives you a competitive advantage.

Customers are constantly looking for restaurants that offer convenience and speed. Online ordering can help restaurants meet these expectations. By providing seamless and easy-to-use online ordering systems, restaurants can differentiate themselves from their competitors and attract more customers. You need not to look any further than Domino’s Pizza as the perfect example of a restaurant chain outdoing its competitors thanks to an online ordering system.

“More than 90% of Domino’s Pizza sales are now made via digital, with more than 40% taking place via its app,” reports Chloe Rigby on InternetRetailing.net, “The company now reports that 5.3m active customers now use its app, which accounts for 43.9% of system sales. That’s 3.1 percentage points higher than a year earlier.”

It increases efficiency.

Online ordering can also increase efficiency for restaurants by reducing errors and wait times. With orders coming directly into the kitchen through a digital system, there is less room for miscommunication or errors that can occur when orders are taken over the phone or in-person. As well, online ordering allows restaurants to manage their kitchen workflow more efficiently, reducing wait times for customers and increasing order accuracy.

It helps to expand your customer base.

By offering online ordering, restaurants can expand their customer bases beyond those who are able to dine in-person. This can be especially important for customers who continue to take pandemic-based safety precautions and may be hesitant to eat out.

With online ordering, restaurants can reach customers who are located farther away. They can even appeal to those who are out of town but want to order from their favourite restaurants. This can result in increased revenue and brand recognition for their establishments.

It provides you access to valuable data.

Online ordering systems can provide restaurants with valuable data about their customers. That information includes order history, preferences and even feedback. Gaining this data can help restaurants tailor their menu offerings, promotions and marketing efforts to better serve their customers. Also, online ordering can help restaurants track their sales, inventory and overall performance, providing insights that can inform business decisions and strategies.

Do you allow your restaurant’s customers to place orders online?

Unity Payments’ online ordering platform allows restaurant owners to take orders directly from their own websites, reducing their restaurants’ dependency on commission-based third-party apps. It allows them to increase revenue through their own brands! To learn more, call us at 1-800-661-3761 or email us at info@unitypayments.ca.