Why Hybrid Work Is Set To Be A Mainstay

The pandemic hasn’t officially been deemed over. But, for the most part, we have resumed life to what we were used to before the pandemic started. Not everything is back to “normal”, however. Many of us have adopted hybrid work models. Instead of transitioning from our home offices back to the office, we have combined the two.

In our last blog, we discussed a few of the main benefits of a hybrid work model. They included more opportunities for learning, having a wider pool of employees to choose from and better mental health for workers. In today’s blog, we’ll look at why hybrid work is set to be a mainstay.

It improves employer-employee trust.

Naturally, employees who work from home need to be trusted by their employers. Technically, without any supervision, a worker can spend his/her day doing as he/she pleases. Of course, a reliable employee will complete tasks efficiently without any supervision. This, of course, helps to build trust between workers and their bosses.

“A hybrid work model helps employees gain the trust of their employers by allowing them to show that they’re just as productive, if not more so, working remotely as they are when in the office,” says Victoria Garment on Parallels.com, “The flexibility of a hybrid work model can also improve staff loyalty by helping employees feel empowered by management to complete their work on their own terms.”

It increases productivity and employee satisfaction.

Many employers may assume that their workers will slack off if they are not under watchful eyes. This, however, hasn’t been proven true over the past couple of years. In fact, the opposite is factual. Employees who work with flexible schedules, such as the hybrid work model, find that they are more empowered. This has had a positive impact on their productivity.

“With a hybrid work model, employees can work in an environment that best suits their work-related needs; for some, they may thrive working from home, whereas others may need a quiet and distraction-free workspace in an office,” reads Billieapp.io, “This level of autonomy to work from home or in an office, or a combination of both also helps increase employee satisfaction because it allows employees to feel a greater level of trust between themselves and their employees.”

It betters work-life balance.

For so many people, balancing time between home and work is incredibly difficult. However, with a hybrid work model, a worker can much more easily enjoy work-life balance. As Garment notes, work-life balance is a vital aspect of any healthy working environment because it helps to prevent burnouts and minimize stress.

“An analysis by Harvard Business Review shows that physical and psychological problems arising from burnouts cost organizations in the US between $125 and $190 billion a year in healthcare spending,” she reports, “These costs only increase when you factor in effects like increased turnover, loss of talent, and lower productivity.”

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