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Why Credit Card Acceptance Is A Key To Holiday Season Success

With just about a week to go until Christmas Day, retailers all over Canada are looking forward to greeting last minute shoppers. While there are many advertising strategies that store owners may wish to employ over the next week, there is one they definitely shouldn’t miss. Accepting credit cards is a surefire way to lure customers. It’s the widely preferred method of payment, especially during the holiday season.

What makes credit card acceptance a key to holiday season success?

It enables your customers to take advantage of a wide range of perks.

Depending on the credit cards used, shoppers are able to receive a lot more than just the items they purchase. With rewards cards, points accumulate. Many of these cards offer travel rewards that can be redeemed for airline tickets, car rentals and hotel stays. Other credit cards come with cash back perks. Cardholders earn back some of the money they spend with each purchase. This too, inevitably leads to the ability to get freebies.

“Some rewards cards also come with perks like extended warranties, purchase protection, and guaranteed returns,” reports Holly D. Johnson on, “Also, the best travel credit cards tend to come with travel-related benefits such as trip cancellation/interruption insurance, auto rental coverage, baggage delay insurance, and travel accident insurance.”

It allows customers to pay for their purchases over time.

When customers swipe or tap their credit cards in your store, you give them the opportunity to extend payment on their balances. As a store owner, you are paid right away. The money is deposited into your business bank account by day’s end. Your customers, on the other hand, enjoy the freedom of awaiting credit card bills that only request minimum amounts due for them to stay in good standing. This enables your shoppers to spend more than they normally might, which is commonplace this time of year.

“There is no cheaper way to borrow than with the right credit card,” reports, “Whether you are wanting to clear existing debt or build up new debt you can borrow interest-free for well over a year with a credit card that offers 0% on purchases.”

It helps shoppers to track their spending.

Arguably, there is no more important time of year for consumers to track their spending than the holiday season. December is the month that people tend to spend more money than any other. Making purchases with a credit card is a great way to track exactly how much money is being spent. Each transaction is captured on the credit card bill which can be viewed online in close to real time. This benefit is especially huge for those shopping on a budget.

“Unlike cash, credit creates a paper trail you can use to your advantage,” notes Johnson, “It’s easier to watch your spending against your monthly budget when you have a record of your purchases, allowing you to verify that you are on track for the month.”

Do you accept credit cards as methods of payment in your store?

At Unity Payments, we offer Canadian merchants a variety of high-quality POS terminals to choose from. You can easily and securely accept credit card and debit card payments with the Newland 910, the Ingenico Desk 5000 or the Ingenico Move 5000. To learn all about your options, please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-800-661-3761. You may also email us at