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Why Consumers Love Travel Rewards Credit Cards

Credit cards that offer cardholders travel rewards are among the most popular in the industry. If you love travelling, it only makes sense to take advantage of a credit card that provides you with travel benefits. Naturally, it’s a wise choice to earn something for all of your spending. For many cardholders, cash back credit cards are the way to go. But, for people who wish to explore the world, it’s all about getting points that can be put towards travel benefits.

Such benefits include free airline tickets, hotel stays and car rentals. Let’s look further into why consumers love cash back credit cards.


Who doesn’t like to save money? The obvious benefit of utilizing a credit card that offers rewards of any kind is the ability to save money on often-expensive items and experiences. With certain travel rewards cards, however, a consumer can save hundreds of dollars whenever they take a trip. On, Barry Choi notes that the benefit of saving money comes with the CIBC Aeroplan Visa Infinite Card.

“Since one Aeroplan point typically has a value of two cents, the 20,000 Aeroplan points welcome bonus is worth $400,” he explains, “With the Buddy Pass, you can typically get a value of $350. Then there’s the free checked luggage. Bags would normally cost you $30 to $50 each way if you were to check them. That means a couple with this card could save $120 to $200 on just one round-trip flight.”

Car rental insurance.

A car rental always comes in handy when you’re away from home. Many travel rewards credit cards don’t just allow you to earn points towards free rentals. They also offer insurance plans for car rentals you pay for using the credit card. That way, a cardholder can avoid paying additional fees to the car rental agency for insurance.

“A travel rewards card might be worth it if you rent a car for more than 5 days per year and don’t already have car rental insurance coverage, since the coverage is so expensive to purchase from the rental car company,” notes, “The car rental collision coverage came in handy for me once when I rented a car that was already damaged but somehow I forgot to check for damages before driving it off the lot (always do this and snap pictures to prove it!).”

Extra perks.

Most travel rewards cards don’t just earn consumers points. They also come with a wide variety of benefits that travel-loving cardholders can use. Trip cancellation insurance is one such perk. Travellers have to pay fees in the event they have to rebook their flights. With such an insurance plan, a cardholder can avoid those unwanted charges.

“Depending on which travel card you get, it may come with free checked bags, airport lounge access, a NEXUS rebate, comprehensive travel insurance, and no foreign exchange fees,” writes Choi, “These extra perks could save you hundreds of dollars a year, which is more than what the annual fee is for most cards.”

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