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Why Canadians Use Credit Cards To Do Their Holiday Shopping

We’re just about a month away from Christmas Day! The next four weeks will be comprised of shopping frenzies all over the country. Most Canadian shoppers will be pulling out their credit cards to complete their holiday purchases. But why would that particular payment method come in so handy at this time of year?

Credit cards allow for flexible payments.

For most Canadians, the holiday season is the time when they spend more money than at any other point in the year. For many, a little leeway in paying off those expenses is very helpful. Unlike cash or debit cards, credit cards allow consumers to pay their balances off over time. With the extra time offered to make those payments, larger purchases are made easier.

On, Hannah Logan highlights the fact that credit card issuers offer instalment plans. “Oftentimes, there is no minimum spend requirement, so you can get a payment plan for any amount of holiday shopping,” she explains, “However, it’s important to be aware that buy now, pay later plans do incur additional fees, so be sure that you can afford the total cost of the purchase.”

Some credit cards offer price protection.

Most holiday shoppers are savvy bargain hunters. Scouring the internet for the most significant discounts is part of many a consumer’s holiday shopping regimen. Credit cards that offer price protection assist such smart consumers with saving money. As Steven Porello notes on, with price protection, a credit card provider will refund the difference for a product purchased at one price and found for a lower price later on.

“For instance, let’s say you bought a new pair of kicks for $120,” he explains, “A week after you started wearing your new shoes, the price goes down to $90 a pair — same retailer, different price. Obviously, you can’t take your shoes back (that would be gross). But if you bought your shoes with a credit card that has price protection, you don’t need to: your credit card provider will refund the $30.”

Many credit cards allow for balance transfers.

Holiday shopping and larger-than-normal credit card bills go hand in hand. For many Canadians, the holiday season encourages them to feel comfortable splurging on gifts for their loved ones. Credit cards that offer balance transfers come in especially useful for such shoppers. They enable their users to transfer large balances to accounts that have lower interest rates. As a result, paying off holiday purchases can be done stress-free.

“If you find yourself struggling to pay off high-interest credit card debt come January, a balance transfer credit card could help,” says Logan, “These credit cards have promotional periods with low interest rates for a designated period of time. Transferring your debt to one of these cards provides a chance to pay down your debt without incurring a lot of interest. But be aware that once the promotional period is over, the interest rate will increase to the card’s regular rate.”

Do you accept credit cards as methods of payment in your store?

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