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Where Are The Best Places To Work Remotely?

Even though pandemic restrictions have long been lifted, many business professionals maintain remote work models. However, as we highlighted in our last blog, working remotely doesn’t necessarily mean you have to work from home. We noted that there are numerous spots that are excellent for remote work days. They include museums, galleries, hotel lobbies and libraries. In today’s blog, we’ll continue our look at the best places to work remotely.

A local co-working space.

Do you live near a community centre that offers up quiet rooms for the purpose of reading or study? Many centres offer spaces for people to find some tranquility. Do you need to get out of the house to avoid distractions? If a local community centre isn’t the answer, look into co-working spaces offered up by local businesses.

As Kimberli Lowe-MacAuley informs on, many co-working spaces and companies offer a range of perks and plans for members. “Some have included extras, such as yoga classes and complimentary beverages similar to the offerings you might find working in a large office building,” she details, “Others create open and creative spaces for those who thrive off of community and group energy.”

A quiet cafe.

Naturally, we place an emphasis on quiet. Cafes are popular workspaces because they offer a combination of tranquility, warmth and, of course, coffee! It may sound like a cliché approach to remote work. However, working in a cafe can give you that “surrounded by co-workers” appeal of the office while also providing the benefit of “working from home” independence.

“While cafes provide warm, cozy, caffeine-rich workspaces, they are also riddled with distractions,” warns Norwegian technology company, Memory, “They’re community spaces, so expect to work alongside incessant chatter and high noise levels (which can be on a parallel with nightclubs). Many cafes provide free Wi-Fi and plug sockets, but many don’t – always be aware of whether a workspace precedent has been set before you settle in.”

The park.

We know the temperatures have dropped and will only get lower in the weeks to come. However, many people love the cool and crisp air of autumn. Check the weather forecasts for the coming week. Select a day when the weather is mild and visit your park to locate a park bench suitable for your get-to-work needs. According to Lowe-MacAuley, working in the park is an ideal situation.

“Nature is to remote work what chocolate is to peanut butter—great on their own, just better together occasionally,” she describes, “Live out your best life working on a file or writing a report while sitting on a picnic blanket in the park. Why not schedule a date with yourself once a week? Depending on the city you’re near, there is often a city center or downtown area around the courthouse with benches and tables.”

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