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What You Can Do To Generate Referrals Without Asking For Them

In our last blog, we examined how stellar customer service can generate referrals. We suggested that you make contacting you easy, ask customers to share their thoughts online and address emotions. You’ll notice that you don’t necessarily have to ask customers outright to refer your business to others. So what else can you do to generate referrals without asking for them?

Exceed expectations.

It’s well worth it to go over and above the call of duty for your customers. This is especially true during the current and very busy holiday shopping season. Are you able to assist a customer by taking his/her product to his/her car? Would you be willing to waive the delivery fee for the item a customer ordered online? When you exceed expectations, you get customers to both come back and tell others about why they should do the same.

“Even if your product is superior to others in the market, it might not be enough to gain customer reviews and business referrals,” says Akshat Biyani on, “The more help you provide to your customers, the better off you’ll be: whether that means reminding them of what they should do next or giving a few extra tips on how to use the product better.”

Anticipate needs.

There’s nothing quite like answering a question before it’s asked. As an expert in your field, you should be able to anticipate the needs of your most loyal customers. According to, 22 percent of repeat calls are due to downstream issues coming from previous inquiries. Can you figure out ways to ensure customers don’t have to keep contacting you for the same issue?

“One way you can anticipate the next potential issue for your customer is to research and see if there are any issues that are correlated,” informs the website, “Maybe there are certain integrations that customers commonly pair up or features that are used together. Make a list of those instances and have them handy for your agents. If you can answer a question for a customer before they even think to ask it, that’s a pretty powerful impression.”

Express gratitude.

A hearty and genuine “thank you” will endear your brand to every customer who receives one. Where would your business be without its supporters? Let them know how much you appreciate them by showing your sincere gratitude. Of course, this can be done with more than just words. Offer some free gift cards, surprise discounts or bonus gifts with each purchase. As well, be sure to reach out and thank everyone who refers your business to others.

“Showing you appreciate your customers’ efforts to refer and promote your business can set you apart from competitors,” notes Biyani, “You can do this by providing freebies and other incentives that can be redeemed each time a customer makes an X number of referrals. This also motivates customers to make multiple referrals in your favour!”

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