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What Are The Best Ways To Promote A Fundraiser Event?

The summertime is almost here! Arguably, it’s the best time of year to host a fundraiser. We would argue, however, that there is no arguing the summer provides us with the weather necessary to hold outdoor events. They are ideal for getting people together to participate in fun activities and to support important causes. Do you have a cause that is near and dear to your heart? What can you do to promote a fundraiser event this summer?

Reach out to your e-mail subscribers.

It might be a bit of a no-brainer to email your list of subscribers. However, it’s wise to come up with a unique plan for how to connect with people using this age-old medium. On, Miranda Paquet points out that you should keep in mind that your supporters and donors need to hear about your fundraising event multiple times before they commit to donating goods or money. She suggests that you plan a three-part e-mail series.

The event announcement comes first. “This initial email serves as your Save the Date,” explains Paquet, “Send this out to spread the word as soon as the date is nailed down, so your attendees can plan ahead.” Then, send the event reminder: “When you have more of the event logistics solidified, send an email invitation that highlights the main attractions of your fundraiser to your supporters.” Finally, the last chance email creates a sense of urgency with your subscribers to boost last-minute RSVPs.

Make a video for your fundraiser.

Is there a more popular form of media than the online video? Videos are widely known for being liked, commented on and shared throughout a wide variety of social networks. Just be sure to make your video share-worthy. Discuss your cause and your connection to it. Be sure to inform people of how and when they can donate. Be engaging, entertaining and fun. But be honest. People tend to support those who are genuine.

“While photos are meaningful, sometimes a simple video from the fundraiser organizer, talking about the impact of the fundraiser, can take your fundraiser from good to great,” says

Get everyone on your team on board.

In order to have a successful fundraiser event, you need all members of your team to push it. That includes your staff members, guest speakers and even registrants. Paquet reminds us that no one should be responsible for promoting his/her event alone. She encourages fundraiser organizers to send out emails that inform their staff members about how they can help out.

“If you have speakers coming to your event, see if they’ll share your event details with their audience as well, as the more people you reach the better chance you have at hitting your fundraising goal,”  Paquet writes, “Lastly, remind your supporters to share your social media updates or forward your emails to broaden your reach to your target audiences.”

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