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What Are Canadians Ordering To Eat Online?

This week, we have the unfortunate responsibility to acknowledge that the coronavirus pandemic has been in effect for a full year now. It’s an anniversary that no one wants to celebrate. And sadly, we’re not out of the woods yet. We’ve now had an entire year to learn how to live pandemic-style. It isn’t exactly fun. But we’ve all been finding new ways to navigate through this world more safely.

Ordering meals online is just one of the many responses to the pandemic. Its popularity has grown tremendously in the past year. Canadians are ordering their meals online in record numbers. But what are Canadians eating? Last May, JP Karwacki answered this question by announcing the findings of Uber Eats data on Timeout.com.

What are the top ten comfort foods ordered by Canadians?

According to Uber Eats, the top ten comfort foods ordered through Uber Eats are (in order) butter chicken, poutine, miso soup, pad thai, naan (flatbread), French fries, bubble tea, edamame beans, shawarma and onion rings. Favourite foods seem to vary by province. In Ontario, the top three comfort foods ordered online are onion rings, poutine and chicken combos.

In neighbouring Quebec, things are a bit different. Uber Eats lists a medium box of puffs (containing about 33 pieces) from Mr. Puffs as the number one order. Mr. Puffs is a popular Montreal-based Greek dessert chain. According to their website, the restaurant is the first of its kind in North America. It proudly serves Hot & Fresh Puffs (also known as loukoumades or simply, donut holes). Rounding out the top three comfort foods ordered in Quebec are poutine and mixed shawarma plates.

What are Canada’s most popular takeout foods?

DoorDash revealed its own data in July of 2020. As reported by RestoBiz.ca, DoorDash was able to compile a report entitled “The State of Flavour in Canada” based on information attained in the first half of the year. The report listed the top 20 foods ordered by Canadians for takeout.

They include burrito bowls, butter chicken, poutine, chicken lettuce wraps, miso soup, sushi in the form of California rolls, dynamite rolls, avocado rolls and spicy tuna rolls, chips and guacamole, plant-based burgers, tuna poke bowls, garlic bread, Caesar salads, chicken quesadillas, pad thai, chicken shawarma, gyoza (dumplings), donuts and chicken tacos.

What is Canada’s most ordered food?

It’s just like Canadians to go with a Canadian classic, isn’t it? Making the top 10 foods list in all of the seven provinces that were examined for the DoorDash study was poutine. The Quebec-based dish of French fries and cheese curds topped with a brown gravy is a favourite all throughout the country. Poutine is a celebrated symbol of Québécois culture and the province of Quebec.

Can your customers place takeout and delivery orders on your restaurant’s website?

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