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Using Your Smartphone To Be A Better Business Professional

In today’s world, the smartphone is a must-have device. In all honesty, do you know anyone who doesn’t own a smartphone? It goes without saying that these mobile devices do a whole lot more than make and take phone calls. In fact, most people use smartphones for tasks other than talking on the phone.

As a business professional, it’s important to know that your smartphone allows you to perform many more actions than taking selfies and surfing the internet. How can you use it to be a better business professional?

Send and receive your business emails.

Your desktop computer is certainly not the only device you can use to send and receive emails. These days, it’s practically mandatory that you use mobile devices to connect with others through email. The pandemic has made it so that remote work is commonplace. As a result, it’s important for you to be able to send and receive emails no matter your location. Be sure to connect your business email address to your smartphone if you haven’t already.

“Some companies may not allow this due to security issues, especially if you only have a personal phone, but link your business email to your phone if possible,” advises Olivia Krauth on, “This can help you answer quick emails during downtime, as well as keep your inbox clear.”

Snap photos to promote products and keep reminders.

It is important that we discuss the importance of social media. Utilizing your Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and other accounts is a practical must when it comes to marketing your business. Snap photos and film videos that showcase your products. Be sure to highlight them on your social media accounts. Remember, however, that your camera can be used to help remind you of other important business tasks. lists a number of ways that your phone’s camera can make your life easier. “Use your smartphone camera to store highly useful information like your prescriptions (photos of your medicine bottles), your frequent flier number (photo of your frequent flier card), or your hotel’s address (photo/screen-grab of your travel itinerary) in case your lose service,” suggests the website.

Utilize voice technology to complete tasks.

As a business owner, you’re likely no stranger to having your hands full. In some cases, this is a literal truth! Your smartphone can help the busybody in you. It is equipped with voice technology that will enable you to perform various tasks without even having to touch your device.

“Whether you have Siri or another voice assistant, use it to accomplish small tasks,” instructs Krauth, “Voice assistants can…help pull numbers or complete other tasks that may be easier on a laptop, allowing you to continue working from your smartphone without switching devices. You can also use them to set up reminders.”

Accept credit card and debit card payments.

With Unity Payments’ Virtual Terminals, you can turn your smartphone into a credit card terminal. That way, you can start taking payments anytime and anywhere. It allows you to process payments in-person, online or on the road! To learn more, please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-800-661-3761 or email us at