Using Social Media To Direct Traffic To Your Online Shop

In today’s internet-obsessed world, it goes without saying that your company must utilize the worldwide web to promote itself. However, in our pandemic-burdened society, your attention to online marketing has never been more important. With a decline in in-person shopping, merchants all over the world are channelling their efforts towards their e-commerce sites. How heavily are you promoting your online shop?

Using your social media accounts to direct traffic to your online store is a must. So what are the most effective ways to do so?

Post as many pictures and videos as possible.

These days, a social media post without an accompanying image may as well not be a post at all. People require visual stimulation. No matter how pertinent or exciting your message is, it will always be significantly stronger if a picture or video is posted with it. Be sure to make vivid your social media posts no matter which platform you’re using. This, of course, is a must on Instagram, which we will delve further into momentarily.

“Video, then images, and text in the last place—that’s the current power ranking for those three content types,” insists HostPapa.ca, “People find rich media much more compelling than straight text. Tweets, Facebook posts, and other social media messages get shared a lot more if they include images or videos.”

Utilize your Instagram bio.

It’s a must that you include your company website in your Instagram bio. In fact, your bio is the only place that Instagram allows a clickable link. Make sure each of your posts bring attention to the fact that followers may simply click on the link in your bio to visit your online shop. As well, take full advantage of Instagram’s “Story” feature. As Wix.com points out, it’s probably the most popular feature on Instagram.

“Business accounts with more than 10,000 followers or verified accounts can add a link to their CTA (call to action) and utilize the ‘Swipe Up’ feature,” informs the site, “To do so, you’ll want to build a story with your slides. You can draw customers in with relevant and exciting content crafted for your brand, from videos to pictures, hashtags and more. Then, conclude with a CTA to your online store, like ‘Shop Now,’ or ‘Link in Bio.’”

Remember to be social!

“Just remember this: It’s Social Media, not Sales Media,” alerts HostPapa.ca. It’s important to remember that social media wasn’t created for advertisers alone. Even though your goal is to advertise your brand and its online shop, it’s wise to keep your marketing posts to a minimum. Engaging with your audience is key. Be sure to create posts that encourage conversations. As well, be sure to comment on and like other posts. It’s a great way get people to recognize and follow your handle.

“When followers have positive and compelling interactions with your business via social media, they’ll be much more likely to recommend your products to others,” HostPapa.ca notes, “But if every post you create is selling, your prospects will balk and your social media marketing efforts will fail to increase the website traffic.”

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