Turning Up The Holiday Spirit At Your Restaurant

The holiday shopping season is currently at a fever pitch. With Black Friday coming at the end of the week and Cyber Monday at the beginning of next week, retail sales will reach all-time highs for the year. Your restaurant should also get the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of the holiday shopping rush. People will always need to eat. But, during this time of year, they wish to do so in a festive manner. What can you do to turn up the holiday spirit at your restaurant?

Install new signage.

The festive atmosphere you create for your restaurant should be apparent before people step foot inside. By installing new signage, you draw the attention of passers-by who otherwise may not have given your establishment a second look. To lure more customers to your restaurant, it’s wise to make clear that it’s a go-to destination for holiday fun. Eye-catching signage that can be seen from far distances is the ideal way to do that.

Graphic design company, Kimp encourages restaurateurs to install new storefront designs and signage to signify the onset of the holiday season. “For these signs, including the traditional colours and imagery, can help you connect with the audience instantly,” says their website, “So think mistletoe, Christmas decor, images of gifts, and so on. The same designs work for even amping up your restaurant’s decor.”

Set up a loyalty program.

Your restaurant is very likely to have regulars. Offer special gifts to those who regularly support your eatery. It will encourage them to both continue coming back and tell their friends how wonderful your restaurant is. Take things a step further and establish a new loyalty program if you don’t already have one in place. As Adriana Desmond of Lunchbox points out, the holidays are a great time to incentivize guests to order more frequently.

“Consumers are looking to enrol in more loyalty programs, building a huge opportunity to attract net-new customers to your business this holiday season,” she informs, “In a recent study, it was shown that 45% of QSR customers use at least one loyalty program.”

Deck the halls of your social media profiles.

In order for the festive atmosphere of your restaurant to be felt by consumers everywhere, your marketing efforts must have that holiday energy. This is especially true for your online marketing efforts. Your social media profiles should be updated with holiday imagery and messaging. As Kimp points out, social media channels are slowly turning into search engines and review sites.

“The buzz about your brand on them, and your content, holds the ability to skyrocket your brand’s popularity and revenue during the holiday season,” says their website. It goes on to recommend that you update your profile to your latest holiday-themed design assets; post consistently and create engagement on your profiles across channels; and establish an omnichannel presence to avoid missing out on any target audience group. 

Allow customers to place orders online.

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