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There’s Plenty Of Summer Left For Your Restaurant To Heat Up Sales

How has summer been going for your restaurant? With August now here, you have another full month of the hot and sunny season to welcome hungry patrons to your establishment. Because COVID-19 restrictions have been lifting, more restaurateurs are now welcoming customers into their dining areas. But that doesn’t mean you should simply assume people will visit your place of business more often.

Since there is plenty of summer left, it’s time to crack that marketing whip of yours! What can your restaurant do to heat up sales?

Launch temperature promotions.

We really like this idea because it uniquely celebrates the summer. The majority of Canadians long for hot summer days given that our nation’s winters last for so long. Consider celebrating the hottest days of the summer by offering your customers discounts based on the temperatures. How about a “25% off appetizers on days that are 25 degrees Celcius or higher!” promotion?

“With temperatures on the rise and utility bills soaring, people often look for locations that offer relief from the heat,” says Renzi Food Service, “This seasonal phenomenon prompts many restaurants to welcome the heat with creative promotions that lower prices based on current temperatures.”

Appeal to honeymooners.

Summertime is often referred to as “wedding season”. There’s no reason to not advertise to lovebirds at this time of year. Offer special menu items and discounts to couples celebrating their recent unions. Throw in free desserts too. By advertising to the newly married, you’ll be securing a whole new type of love for your eatery.

“Summertime means love is in the air!” stresses guest internet service provider, NConnections, “(This might have something to do with wedding season…Just a hunch.)…It’s up to your restaurant to capitalize. Try attracting couples with special meals designed for two. Sweeten the deal with candles, flowers, wine, and maybe even chocolates too.”

Start up a food truck for your restaurant.

Why not take your restaurant on the road? Is it known for its particularly unique menu items? The summer is the perfect time of year to bring your food truck to various events. According to Renzi Food Service, this is especially true for restaurants that have trouble attracting customers in-house during the summer months.  

“The basis of mobile food success stems from convenience, as hungry patrons on tight schedules look for quality ingredients without the burden of parking, waiting to be seated, and tipping,” informs their website, “If you’re already thinking about buying a food truck or customizing a mobile stand, then summer might represent the perfect opportunity to take that risk and explore a new channel for promoting your restaurant.”

Let your customers order food directly from your restaurant’s website.

Just because it’s warm and sunny outside doesn’t mean that people won’t want to eat at home every now and again. Allow your customers to order delivery or takeout online. Unity Payments can help with that! Contact us to quickly set up your own online ordering system for your restaurant. To get started, please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-800-661-3761 or email us at