The Power Of Free Shipping: Luring Consumers To Your E-Commerce Site

In our last blog, we pointed out that offering free shipping is one of the top ways to avoid cart abandonment in your e-commerce site. In fact, free shipping is the top motivator for online shoppers to make a purchase. In this blog, we’ll explore the ways that offering free shipping can help you increase sales and build a loyal customer base.

Higher conversion rates.

Offering free shipping can significantly increase your conversion rates. According to a 2019 BigCommerce survey, 77% of online shoppers worldwide have abandoned purchases due to unsatisfactory shipping options. This is because customers are more likely to view the total cost of the purchase, including shipping, before making decisions to buy. By offering free shipping, you can reduce the total cost of the purchase and increase the likelihood of a sale.

Increased average order value.

Free shipping can also increase the average order value of your customers. This is because customers are more likely to purchase additional items if they don’t have to pay for shipping. Consider offering free shipping for orders over a certain amount. This can encourage customers to add more items to their carts and increase the total value of their purchases.

 “Usability Sciences found an increase in the number of items added to shopping carts and an increase in cart prices after free shipping was offered,” reports Joe Putnam on Rejoiner.com, “Here are the details from this study: The average number of items in the cart was 3.7, with an average ticket price of $142.93, versus 3.4 items and a ticket price of $118.29 when free shipping was not offered.”

Better customer experiences.

By offering free shipping, you can greatly improve the customer experience on your e-commerce site. Customers appreciate the convenience of free shipping and are more likely to return to your site for future purchases. This can help build brand loyalty and create a positive image for your brand.

Improved customer satisfaction.

Customers are more likely to be satisfied with their purchases if they don’t have to pay for shipping. This can lead to increased customer loyalty and positive word-of-mouth referrals, which can help drive additional traffic to your site.

“Shopping carts are often abandoned at the checkout when customers are dissuaded by an additional shipping charge,” says BigCommerce.com, “Maintaining a steady cost from product page to checkout increases a customer’s likelihood on following through with the purchase.”

Stronger competitiveness.

Offering free shipping can also make your e-commerce site more competitive in the online marketplace. Many online shoppers are looking for free shipping when making purchases. By offering free shipping, you can attract these shoppers to your site and stand out from your competitors.

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