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The Importance Of Photos On Your Restaurant’s Website

Trudging through this pandemic comes with many challenges. For business owners, enticing customers to continue showing support is a constant requirement. It’s especially hard to grow sales when people are being asked to stay at home. This is especially true in the restaurant industry. All throughout Canada, restaurateurs are relying heavily on takeout and delivery orders over dine-in requests. As a result, their websites have become more important than ever.

What is the quality of the photos on your restaurant’s website? Believe it or not, photographs can make or break the success of your establishment these days. Online takeout and delivery orders continue to be to go-to choices for hungry consumers.

Vivid images of your menu items make great first impressions.

Naturally, consumers have many options. And, as you know, hopping from one website to the next is much easier than physically travelling from one restaurant to another. What makes visitors of your site place orders instead of leaving for other sites? The high-resolution photos on your website should be able to induce mouth-watering and instantaneous needs to eat. The more eye-catching your images, the more online orders for your menu items you will receive.

“You know what they say about first impressions: they stick,” Laura-Andreea Voicu of GloriaFood reminds us, “And you wouldn’t want to be stuck with a lousy label, so strive to make a great first impression online. It all starts with your website, where images should speak for themselves. Their function should be to draw the customers’ attention, whet their appetite, and trigger visual hunger.”

Awesome pictures help you highlight specific dishes.

Which dishes are you trying to push this month? Are there new menu items you’d like to bring some attention to? Strategically placing certain photos on your homepage can help to boost sales for the dishes you’d most like to sell. Consider the main courses, appetizers and desserts you want to highlight and be sure their pictures are immediately visible.

As Hannah explains on GourmetMarketing.net, “for your website, you may choose to take photos for all available dishes, but you can also organize them in a specific way so your prospects and customers are seeing what you want them to see, making them more likely to order what you want them to order.”

Great photos build trust and credibility.

Visual examples of the delicious dishes you sell help to instil confidence in would-be buyers. People need to be given impressions of just how scrumptious their meal choices will be. Even the most detailed of descriptions won’t cut it in today’s world. As Voicu puts it, the phrase “what you see is what you get” comes to mind when thinking of the importance of food photography.

“Customers like knowing what they’re going to get,” she writes, “Surprises may be pleasant, but seldom when it comes to food. Having professional food photos on your website and menu shows professionalism and creates trust.”

Can your customers place takeout and delivery orders on your restaurant’s website?

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