The Importance Of E-Commerce In 2021

Welcome to 2021. The vast majority of us are certainly hoping that it’s a much better year than 2020. Firstly, we’re all looking forward to what we hope will be a COVID-less world by the end of the year. Secondly, businesses of all sizes are hoping to bounce back from what are likely their hardest years ever. One thing is for sure – e-commerce has never been more important to practically all industries.

Is your company website equipped with an online shop? If not, you’ll be missing out on a lot of revenue in 2021. Let’s discuss why.

COVID rules everything around us.

The 1993 hip-hop classic “C.R.E.A.M” by Wu-Tang Clan made popular the phrase “Cash Rules Everything Around Me”. In 2021, that statement isn’t so true. While earning money (the point of the song) will forever remain a vital part of everyday living, COVID-19 has made it so that credit card use (instead of cash) is practically mandatory. This is because so much shopping is done online – especially during lockdowns like the one we’re currently experiencing in Ontario.

On ZDNet.com, Vala Afshar explains that more than three quarters of consumers have changed their shopping behaviours during the pandemic. “A digital first mindset is now mandatory in the next normal,” he writes, “The ability to offer e-commerce, contact-less payments, order online curbside pickup, and home delivery are all requirements in order to compete in the next normal.” 

Mobile use is more widespread than ever.

It’s no surprise that wireless devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops continue to grow in popularity. These days, the majority of online purchases are made on these mobile devices. Ensuring that your company’s online store is mobile-friendly is a major necessity in 2021. If consumers aren’t able to easily access your site on their phones, for example, you stand to lose out on countless sales.

“As consumers’ trust in online shopping increases, they feel more comfortable making purchases using their mobile devices,” confirms Joydeep Bhattacharya on 3dcart.com, “By the end of 2021, mobile devices are expected to make almost 73% of total e-commerce sales. Besides, 30% of online shoppers are likely to abandon their carts in the middle of shopping if they find out that your website is not mobile-friendly.”

Ordering products by voice is gaining a lot of steam.

“Hey Google, locate a new toaster from Amazon.”

“Alexa, find me the lowest price for a new dishwasher.”

Commands like these are rapidly increasing. To reiterate, mobile devices make online shopping incredibly easy by allowing purchases to be made with the click of a few buttons. However, just consider how convenient it is to shop without lifting a finger at all! According to Bhattacharya, voice commerce will rise in 2021.

“People are increasingly relying on voice assistant devices like the Amazon Echo with Alexa and the Google Home with Google Assistant to do everything, from waking them to buying products online,” he affirms, “75% of U.S. households will have smart speakers by 2025. Voice commerce sales are anticipated to reach $40 billion by 2022.”

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