We have had about two and a half years of pandemic living to get used to new ways to conduct our daily routines. Since March of 2020, most of those routines have occurred in the home. With COVID-19 forcing us to isolate for months on end, many business professionals moved to a work-from-home model. Today, many of us continue to work from home or participate in a hybrid work model.

While many enjoy it, others find it difficult. What are some ways to make working from home easy?

Set up a functional workspace.

It’s important to still “go to work” when you’re at home. Designate a specific area of the home that is used for work. It should include all of your necessities such as a desk, a computer and any other supplies necessary to conduct your daily tasks. As well, the space should be quiet and away from the rumblings of the rest of your household. It’s also wise to inform other members of the home to minimize distractions while you’re working.

“Not everyone has a designated home office, but it’s critical to have a private, quiet space for your work,” advises Jennifer Cook on Investopedia.com, “If you can, separate your work area from your personal spaces and use it only for work and not for other activities.”

Maintain a consistent morning schedule.

Working from home can cause you to develop a lackadaisical approach to each day. It’s vital that you not allow the absence of a professional office setting to reduce your professionalism. Set an alarm to wake up each morning and get into the routine of starting your job on time. Be your own boss and adhere to your own rules. It will help you to be more productive instead of wasting time.

“Wake up when you typically would (and that goes for going to bed at the same hour as well), unless you typically wake up at 5 am to commute, which you won’t have to do now!” encourages Becca on HalfHalfTravel.com, “Keeping the same routine helps you to avoid feeling lethargic and tired if you sleep in until your first meeting by phone at 9 am that you take from bed. That’s not a great idea.”

Give yourself breaks.

Some at-home workers are the opposite of lazy. Figuring they can work at their own paces, they decide to rush through projects in order to free up their time later in the day. This isn’t always a productive work model. Pacing yourself to avoid burnout is important. Remember that both your physical and mental health require your regular attention. Be sure to get up, stretch and take breaks throughout each day to unburden your mind and body from the stresses of work.

“Some love the thought of working in solitude, but even the most introverted among us may feel claustrophobic after a few weeks at home alone, staring at the same project for long hours,” says Cook, “Be ready for some loneliness, and be mindful to schedule some time to connect to the outside world through lunch dates or an exercise class.” 

Accept digital payments from home.

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