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The Art Of Garnering Referrals For Your Business

Nothing beats word of mouth promotion. Ask any fellow business owner and he/she is sure to agree. Consumers believe other consumers. So, no matter how much effort you put into your advertising campaigns, they will not have the same impact as a recommendation from one of your customers. You could argue that working to secure referrals from your customers is one of your most important jobs as a business owner.

What are the best ways to go about garnering referrals for your business?

Launch a customer loyalty program.

Offering a little incentive for your referrals certainly can’t hurt. While many consumers are quite happy to pass along the good news about their positive experiences with companies, it’s a good idea to sweeten the pot for them. A customer loyalty program rewards people who refer your business to others. As Carly Stec explains on, the program could be point-based or it could even be a premium membership.

“It could also extend beyond just customer referrals as well,” she notes, “No matter how you do it, make sure your customers feel valued and inspired to become loyal. In turn, loyal customers will talk, especially when delighted, and give you free referrals through word-of-mouth marketing to their family, friends, and even strangers online.”

Send out emails that include links to your Google review page.

Here, we will make it easy for you! Use THIS LINK to learn how to create your own link to send to customers. The link you create will send people directly to your company’s Google Review page. By giving your email subscribers a super simple way to share their kind thoughts about your brand, you will significantly grow your brand’s reputation.

As Taylor Landis writes on, “reviews and recommendations on your site and third party sites are essential for your business. 85 percent of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Make sure you have reviews for potential customers to find.”

Make changes based on customer feedback.

There are few customer-pleasing acts we can think of that are more effective than making changes based on customer feedback. Doing so proves that you value the opinions, thoughts and feelings of your supporters. It’s wise to view customer complaints as excellent opportunities to better your brand. Be sure to listen to the feedback given you. Make the appropriate changes and then reach out to your customers to let them know the changes have been made.

Your efforts won’t go unnoticed. Chances are your customers will share how pleased they were with how your company handled their complaints. “In order to accumulate more referrals, you have to prove yourself as referral-worthy,” says Stec, “To ensure that you’re meeting (and exceeding) the needs and expectations of your existing customers, it’s important that you’re regularly collecting and acting on their feedback.”

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