The Art Of Boosting Online Sales This Holiday Season

By this time next week, stores everywhere will have changed their orange and black decor to green and white. This goes for online stores too. Once Halloween is over, we’ll all be ready to celebrate the holidays. In our last blog, we pointed out a few ways that e-retailers can make their online stores go-to holiday shopping destinations. In today’s blog, we’ll continue our look at how to boost online sales this holiday season.

Focus on video marketing.

These days, it’s practically impossible to find a more effective way to go viral than to post an original video. Social media users regularly record, upload and share videos. It’s wise to film a video yourself and share it on all your social media platforms. Don’t just go for a blatant commercial. Consider doing something whimsical with the holiday season in mind. The more you endure the public to your brand, the more likely people will be to support it.

“Video ads on platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok can produce better results than a text advertisement in some instances,” writes Caroline Cox of the digital marketing agency, HawkSEM, “Especially when it comes to social media, the younger (and powerful) generation of shoppers today mostly prefers video ads. So it’s no surprise this type of ad can be a better way to engage consumers, especially through user-generated content.”

Create bundle packages.

Bundles and the holiday season just go hand in hand, don’t they? We all love to see those “bundles” under the tree on Christmas morning, right? Well, by creating another bundle – several of your products sold together as a package – you will be able to move more of your inventory and save your customers some money. The idea is for you to clear your stock by offering greater value for the purchase prices you list.

“Bundling offers is one of the best ways to attract potential customers and boost sales,” insists Shane Barker on Moengage.com, “Create a combination of three or more products and offer the whole package at a discount. People always want to get the best value for their money. Therefore, bundled offers work like a charm during the holiday season. Additionally, you can look for opportunities to give freebies with the combos and still make a profit.”

Launch holiday email campaigns.

Email marketing is a tried and true source of advertising. Since you want to grow traffic to your online store, it only makes sense to send out material that includes a link to it. Be sure to highlight your most popular products and the discounts you intend on offering this holiday season. Naturally, holiday shoppers will be intrigued by the possible savings they can enjoy.

“Email is one of the most effective digital marketing methods you can leverage, so it’s certainly worth a spot in your holiday e-commerce marketing plan,” says Cox, “While Black Friday may get lots of hype, Cyber Monday drives billions of dollars in sales each year. Email marketing that highlights holiday promotions and offerings can be a great way to boost sales. But to stand out in an overflowing inbox, you’ve got to get creative.”

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