The Art Of Attracting Online Shoppers To Come Back After Christmas

On behalf of the entire Unity Payments team, we would like to wish each and everyone a very Merry Christmas! We would also like to wish a Joyous Kwanzaa to everyone celebrating the week-long event that takes place after Christmas. As they say, this is the most wonderful time of the year. We sincerely hope you’re able to take advantage of the opportunity to enjoy memorable moments with family members and friends.

For e-retailers, this has undoubtedly been a busy month. But what can you do to attract online shoppers to come back after Christmas?

Launch a winter clearance event.

Remember that the winter season has only just officially begun. Once Christmas has come and gone, there will be a lot of winter left. Lovers of the season will be looking to e-retailers to satisfy their needs. “Dispense with your winter inventory, and label it as a clearance,” advises Neil Patel on his website, “People love clearance sales.”

Patel also advises merchants to incentivize their loyalty programs. “Once a customer buys from you, invite them into your loyalty program,” he writes, “This is especially crucial for first-time buyers. Market back to them, but this time, provide a perk for joining your mailing list or becoming a member.”

Promote a New Year’s sale via email marketing.

Of course, New Year’s Day is the first holiday following Christmas. There’s no reason the offerings of discounts shouldn’t continue into 2022. The holiday rush really isn’t over once Christmas has come and gone. In fact, Boxing Day is known as one of the busiest shopping days of the year. Why can’t the first of January be on par? Use your email newsletter to communicate your online store’s first sale of the year.

“An email marketing newsletter is a powerful tool for any retailer,” writes Elise Dopson on Shopify.ca, “You’re able to use them to reach both new and existing customers, deliver deals, and reward people for making repeat purchases…For 38% of shoppers, emails from retailers were the most helpful in learning about holiday-related deals and promotions. Use them as a vehicle to shout about your holiday promotions, run retargeting campaigns, and promote flash sales.”

Help customers meet their New Year’s Resolutions.

At the end of every year, there are countless promises that people make to themselves. Losing weight and quitting smoking are among the most popular New Year’s Resolutions. Can your online store help with any of the ways in which people try to better themselves? Patel suggests that retailers promote products that enhance health in order to attract post-Christmas shoppers.

“Far and away, the biggest category of sales goes to gym memberships, health supplements, diet plans, and exercise equipment,” he notes, “If you’re in or near these niches, get ready for a New Year’s windfall.” Patel also champions products that facilitate cleanliness. “Customers are getting into the cleaning spirit after the Christmas spirit wanes,” he states, “Besides, there’s all that post-party mess to put away and organize.”

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