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Stats Show Many Benefits Of Letting Customers Order Food Directly From Your Website

In the year 2020, tons of changes have been made to businesses all over Canada. The coronavirus pandemic has forced us all to utilize modern technology in ways we never before imagined. In an effort to stop the spread of the virus, much of the restaurant industry has had to close its doors and focus on takeout orders. This has developed a significant rise in online orders.

Does your restaurant allow its customers to place orders directly from its website? Let’s take a look at some statistics that strongly suggest it should!

Orders placed online are 20 percent larger on average.

If you’re looking to grow revenue (and which business owner isn’t?), it’s wise to allow your customers to begin ordering food from your website right away. According to a survey conducted by a research team at Restolabs, it was found that online orders are 20 percent larger than those placed when dining in.

“When customers can browse the menu without feeling rushed bylines, they tend to spend more time deciding what to order,” reports their website, “The math is simple: the more time they have to look over, the more they are likely to order. You can highlight specific items on menus and run promotions to influence their purchase. Now that’s a profit!” 

70 percent of people say they prefer ordering food directly from restaurants.

Today, online food ordering services like Skip The Dishes and Uber Eats are all the rage. These services allow restaurants to sell their meals to customers without having to establish their own online ordering service. However, in the long run, it impacts their bottom lines. Generally, these services take cuts from the total purchase prices of each order. By allowing hungry customers to order from you directly, you effectively cut out the middleman.

“According to recent online food ordering statistics, 70% of people say they prefer ordering food directly from the restaurant,” affirms Los Angeles-based UpKeep, “They would rather have their money go directly to the restaurant and take out the middle-man…On different third-party food platforms, customers are also shown the appealing menus of other competing restaurants…So, by using your own restaurant website system you actually increase your customer’s retention rate.”

Very few restaurants offer online ordering worldwide.

Just three short years ago, Restolabs found that only two to three percent of restaurants in the world offered online ordering facilities. What this means is that, by doing so, you give yourself a significant leg up on your competition. Unquestionably, COVID-19 has made it increasingly difficult for restaurateurs to keep their businesses profitable. Chances are the small percentage of restaurants offering direct online ordering is growing as we speak. Don’t get left behind!

“This is your chance to make the most of this opportunity and make your restaurants available to your customers on their fingertips,” insists Restolabs, “Domino’s Pizza introduced their online ordering system in 2010 and since then the company has grown to become the second-largest pizza chain in the world with the stock price rising from $8 to $200.”

With Unity Payments, you can quickly set up an online ordering system for your restaurant directly from its website! To learn more, please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-800-661-3761 or email us at info@unitypayments.ca.