Solving The Mystery Of Cart Abandonment

As an e-retailer, you’ve likely experienced the frustration of cart abandonment. A shopper adds items to his/her cart, but then they leave the site without making a purchase. According to Fundera, the average cart abandonment rate is 69.57%. But don’t worry, there are strategies you can implement to reduce this number.

Offer free shipping.

Shipping costs are a major factor in cart abandonment. Fundera reports that 55% of online shoppers abandon their cart because extra costs were too high. Offer free shipping to entice customers to complete their purchase. If you can’t afford to offer free shipping, consider offering it for orders over a certain amount. This can also be a great way to encourage customers to buy more items.

“At times, the shipping fee of any product is more than the cost of the product itself,” notes Najam Ahmed on Cloudways.com, “Why would a smart online shopper order from that store? You can either mention free shipping on your product pages, or send out an abandoned cart email to only offer it to the customers who have abandoned your cart.”

Provide clear returns and exchange policies.

Returns and exchanges can be a major concern for online shoppers. Provide clear, concise policies on your site to alleviate these concerns. Make it easy for customers to initiate returns and exchanges. As well, consider offering free returns. This can build trust with your customers and increase their confidence in making purchases from your online shop.

Implement an abandoned cart email campaign.

An abandoned cart email campaign can be an effective way to recover lost sales. Set up an automated email that goes out to customers who have abandoned their carts. The email can offer a special discount or a reminder of the items they haven’t yet paid for. Make sure to personalize the emails and include clear calls-to-action to encourage the customers to complete their purchases.

“Writing impactful abandonment emails is critical for the success of your store,” insists Ahmed, “It is by far the most important step for recovering abandoned carts. According to research from SaleCycle on 500 of the world’s top brands, 44.1% of abandoned cart emails are opened by users. More importantly, almost a third of clicks on abandoned cart emails (29.9%) eventually result in a recovered cart.”

Improve website speed and user experience.

A slow website can be a major turn-off for customers. Make sure your site loads quickly. Invest in a responsive design to ensure a seamless shopping experience on all devices. In addition, make sure your site is easy to navigate and provides a smooth checkout process. A great user experience will keep customers engaged and encourage them to complete their purchases.

Offer live chat support.

Provide live chat support to answer customer questions and address any concerns. This can be a great way to build trust with your customers and increase their confidence in completing their online purchases. Live chat support can also provide valuable insights into the customer’s journey, allowing you to make improvements to the site to reduce cart abandonment.

Do you customers enjoy making purchases from your website?

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