Setting Up Your Restaurant For A Great New Year’s Party

On behalf of the entire team, here at Unity Payments, we wish you all a continued wonderful holiday season. Hanukkah and Christmas have officially come and gone. However, we’re all getting set to welcome in the new year.

If you’re a restaurant owner, you certainly can’t afford to take any time off. In fact, many people will be looking to you and your establishment for a way to ring in 2023. What are some ways you can set up your restaurant for a great New Year’s party?

Give out mementos and party favours.

What’s better than an exciting New Year’s party? An exciting New Year’s party that is memorialized by keepsakes! suggests setting up a photo booth station that can provide your guests with printed or digital pictures. The site also recommends offering your guests wearables like party hats and other accessories.

“Having some sort of party favour is a nice touch for your guests, acting as a memento of their night,” says the website, “While you don’t necessarily have to give out party favours, it is a nice touch, and your guests will love that little extra something as they ring in the new year.”

Send out personal invitations.

Arguably, there’s no better way to fill your restaurant on New Year’s Eve than to contact your loyal customers to invite them to your celebration. It’s a great way to reward your guests for their loyalty. Reach out via email with a special offer on food and drinks. Let your recipients know that they have been given exclusive invites as your eatery’s VIPs. As points out, establishing a loyalty program in this way is very beneficial.

“Nothing’s better than a personal invite to drum up excitement for your New Year’s Eve party ideas,” insists the website, “So, put your loyalty program to work by shooting out an e-vite to everyone on your e-mail list. Add an option to RSVP, if possible. Knowing how many people plan to attend ahead of time can make preparations go more smoothly. And if you want to get really fancy, consider mailing out personal invitations to some of your regulars.”

Offer catering.

Your restaurant doesn’t just have to contribute to one New Year’s party. It can help many others to be incredibly enjoyable. By offering a catering service, you can assist people with throwing New Year’s Eve parties in their own homes. As notes, depending on costs or labour, you can scale your catering menu any way you need to accommodate the holiday rush.

“If your business isn’t planning an in-house extravaganza, or you’re able to handle the demand, consider catering a New Year’s Eve party,” reads the website, “Whether you choose holiday-themed fare or can accommodate alternative options, offering a catered meal is a great avenue to take during this time of year. Many homes and companies throw a big NYE bash, so offering a fine meal is a great way to get the word out about your business.”

Put your restaurant’s menu online.

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