Setting Up A Successful Autumn Fundraiser

On Thursday of this week, the fall season will officially take over from summer. Autumn is a great time of year for business owners to launch new promotions. Specifically, setting up a fundraiser is an excellent way to grow brand recognition. Not only does it endear the public to your business, it supports a worthy cause of your choice.

Let’s take a look at how to set up a successful autumn fundraiser.

Throw a pie sampling party.

Autumn and pies go hand in hand, don’t they? Those of the apple and pumpkin variety are especially popular. Hosting a pie sampling party is a great way to both welcome the fall season and raise funds for a charity of your choice. According to Stephanie Lica of Constant Contact, there are a variety of ways to incorporate pies into a fundraising event.

“Pie-based events can take multiple forms, depending on how involved you want local businesses or community members to be,” she writes, “For example, a bakeoff could incorporate submissions from local supporters who take pride in their finest pie recipes. These pies can then be raffled off or entered into a contest, with attendees purchasing and voting on their favorite slices.”

Organize a bonfire night.

One obvious thing that many Canadians miss about the summer is the warmth. This is why the fall is the season of bonfires. Not only do they keep you warm but they encourage friends and family members to gather, share stories and partake in such traditions as roasting marshmallows. According to Tatiana Morand for OneCause, by organizing a bonfire night, you can raise funds by either charging admission or passing around a donation basket.

“Organize a bonfire night and roast leftover marshmallows from summer!” she encourages, “This idea provides a perfect transition from summer to fall, with a slightly nostalgic yet cozy feeling hovering around the event. As you’re sitting by the fire, you can also host a scary story contest. “

Host a second chance homecoming dance.

Back to school season is in full swing. For students all over Canada, the fall is known as the time of year when daily classroom visits are the norm. However, we all know that attending school involves more than just going to class. With such events as assemblies, tournaments and dances taking place, the school year presents a variety of opportunities to raise charitable funds. Lica recommends a second chance homecoming dance for adults.

“Adult attendees can pay a modest entrance fee, but chances are, they’ll be even more inclined to support your nonprofit if they get the chance to purchase alcohol,” she informs, “They can also contribute a small amount to request their favourite songs from their high school days. Don’t forget contests for the most accurate 80s or 90s garb — or the best dance moves of the era.”

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