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Revisiting The Benefits Of Working From Home

Next month, the world will be acknowledging a very unfortunate anniversary. The coronavirus reared its ugly head near the tail end of 2019 (hence, the abbreviation “COVID-19”).  However, the World Health Organization deemed our planet to be in a pandemic in March of 2020. The past two years have been among the toughest any of us have faced. We continue to mourn the massive loss of life due to the virus.

As business professionals, we’ve had our lives completely rearranged. Working from home is now commonplace. It also appears as if remote work will remain a staple for many businesses well into the future. For numerous workers, this new arrangement is a benefit to have come from the pandemic. Let’s revisit the benefits of working from home.

You get to enjoy more family time.

Needless to say, when we work in the office, we’re taken away from our families. While working at home, business professionals have opportunities to balance their days between their work and home life responsibilities. By working remotely, an individual can immediately tend to necessary tasks such as cooking and cleaning while also handling their jobs’ roles.

“Long hours in the office can reduce the amount of time you’re able to spend at home with your loved ones, especially if you work night shifts or long days,” points out, “Working from home allows for more quality time with family since you’re more likely to be in the same place at the same time.”

You are able to sleep in longer.

Hands up if you’re not a morning person! We visualize numerous outstretched arms everywhere. For many people, it doesn’t matter how often they’ve woken up early in the morning, it’s an unwelcome experience. Remote workers enjoy the benefit of sleeping in a little longer than they usually would if they had to commute to work.

The time you’ll save from working remotely doesn’t just add up by eliminating your commute,” says Woodbridge, Ontario’s Organized Interiors, “Since your home office is now your workspace, you can spend less time on getting prepared for work. That doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll want to start each workday still dressed in your pajamas, mind you. Getting showered and at least putting on some decent day clothes helps to get you in a working mindset.”

You become more environmentally-friendly.

Working from home means that you’re not commuting to work every day. This isn’t just a money-saver. It’s an Earth-friendly act as well. By not having your car on the road each day, you significantly reduce gas emissions into the air. A less polluted city makes for a much healthier living space.

“Commuting has an effect on the entire ecosystem we live in, given the pollution that comes from transportation,” notes, “In fact, 29 percent of greenhouse gas emissions came from transportation alone in 2019. Most people don’t have electric cars, so exhaust and other car emissions contribute to the carbon footprint on Earth.”

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