Refreshing Your Working From Home Routine

So…just how long is this whole “working from home” thing going to last? Here’s our honest and best guess: forever. Let’s face it. We’re all experiencing a “new normal”, thanks to COVID-19. Over the past year and a half, professionals from a wide variety of industries have found new offices in their homes.

Naturally, working from home became necessary in order to maintain social distancing and stop the spread of the coronavirus. But we’ve now discovered so many other reasons to work from home. Employers are saving money on equipment costs, repairs and office supplies. Employees are saving a bundle on gas and/or transit tolls since they don’t have to commute to and from work. And let’s not forget about the comfort and convenience of working in your PJs!

How can you remain productive while working from home?

Not everyone is a fan of the “working from home” routine. Some business professionals much prefer dressing up and going into the office every day. Of course, many workers are doing this again as COVID-19 restrictions are being lifted. However, for many other working professionals, staying home to work is their new and permanent way of life. But is it hard to be productive? According to Doug Cartwright of The Daily Shifts, it’s important for all at-home workers to create daily schedules.

“Have a clear end time for work every day,” he advises, “When working from home, it can be really easy to get sucked into working late. However, this will only add to feelings of burnout and stress. This is one easy way to set boundaries with work…more on that later!” Cartwright also believes in scheduling breaks. “No matter your profession, you deserve a lunch break and a few short breaks throughout the day,” he insists.

How important is it to create a proper work space?

In a word: very. You may not necessarily wish to get out of your bed clothes before you start your work day. However, it’s wise to actually get out of bed! Setting up a specific area of your home to conduct your business tasks is a wise choice. To be at your productive best, you should separate your work-from-home space from where you spend your time leisurely.   

“Whether you are living in a house or a studio apartment, see what you can do to compartmentalize your work area and separate it from the space that you wind down in,” recommends Cartwright, “This could be as simple as closing your laptop and putting away your laptop stand to keep things out of sight and out of mind at the end of the day.”

How can you process sales while at home?

With Unity Payments’ Virtual Terminals, you can digitally accept payments from wherever you work during the day. Turn your computer or mobile device into a credit card terminal and start taking payments anytime, anywhere! It allows you to process payments in-person, online or on the go. For information on how to get all set up, please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-800-661-3761 or email us at info@unitypayments.ca.