E-commerce Marketing

Promoting Your Online Store Around Valentine’s Day

Welcome to February! This very special month entails many important things. It’s Black History Month which calls upon us all to recognize the contributions of those who have been historically oppressed. It’s also the last full month of winter which is welcome news to most Canadians. And, of course, in two weeks time, Valentine’s Day will be here! For retailers, that means it’s time to start a new promotion.

This year, particular emphasis must be placed on your online store. With COVID-19 continuing to hamper traditional shopping experiences, it is imperative you ramp up efforts to boost traffic to your website to generate sales. So what can you do to promote your online store around Valentine’s Day?

Begin your promotions immediately.

As mentioned, you only have two weeks before Valentine’s Day gets here. There is no time to waste. Especially because online shoppers are aware they will need some time to await the arrivals of their purchases, it’s wise to quickly showcase your offerings and the discounts you’re making available. Many people have already started their Valentine’s Day shopping. In fact, Ecomdash.com tells us that 25 percent of consumers begin shopping before the end of January.

“Most shoppers begin in early February and shop until the 14th of February,” the site continues, “Flower purchases are largely made by men closer to Valentine’s Day, while they make jewellery purchases earlier in the month. Our advice is to take note of these trends and apply this data to your ecommerce marketing strategy. For example, if you sell jewellery, push promotions towards the end of January when most men are shopping and comparing prices.”

Launch ads on social media.

By now, this suggestion should be a no-brainer. Nevertheless, it’s important to list it here. Don’t underestimate the power of Instagram, Twitter and Facebook – especially during the pandemic. These social media platforms are used my millions across the world daily. Social media ads give you the ability to incorporate links that will lead users directly to your online shop. On ElasticPath.com, Linda Bustos specifically endorses the use of Facebook.

“Facebook offers very simple advertising options for online retailers that you can target by gender, location, age, relationship status and even by interests,” she writes, “Because Facebook requires a minimum amount of this information, the ad delivery is pretty accurate. If you’re a jewelry retailer, you can filter out the teenagers who can’t afford your goods, single guys and females for ads showing gifts for women.”

Set up a sales event.

These days, there’s a virtual version of everything. It’s not exactly safe to host an in-person sales event, at the moment, given the continued need for social distancing. So why not host a sales event online? Promote a Valentine’s Day sales event to encourage shoppers to both visit and make purchases from your store in time for the big day. As Ecomdash.com, points out, a survey found that 50% of consumers make a purchase ONLY when there is a promotion involved.

“The same survey revealed that the number of promotion-driven customers rises to 60% for anyone under the age of 45, with those aged 25 to 34 being the most likely to look for an offer,” the website adds, “That means if your target audience is under the age of 45, 60% of those consumers won’t even consider buying your product without a promotion or incentive.”

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