Processing Up to $500,000 Annually Processing Over $500,000 Annually Processing Over $5,000,000 Annually
Starting At Starting At Enterprise
Powerfully-Simple Pricing $99/month $199/month
+ 15¢ per transaction & direct cost + 12¢ per transaction & direct cost To build a custom package
Flat Rate Processing
0% markup on interchange
No Setup Fees
No Batch fees
No Cancellation Fees
No Commitments
No PCI compliance fees*
No Statement fees
Card Present Technology
EMV Contactless, Chip & Pin, Mobile Wallet Payments
Batch Notifications
Free IVR Terminal for Touch Tone Credit Card Processing
Payment Terminal
Additional Terminal $ $ $
Electronic signature capture
3G/4G $ $ $
WiFi Capabilities
Reporting and Analytics
Next Day Settlement
Reporting: on your laptop, PC, mobile device or tablet
Customer sales, funding, and payments reporting
Multi-location reporting
Real-time transaction reporting
Customer Support
In-house customer service team
Chat, email, and phone support
Product Catalogue Upload
Dedicated customer success manager
Expedited service request resolution
Payment Security
Tokenized & encrypted customer data $ $ $
Automatic Payment Security Updates