Preparing Your Online Store For Sizzling Summer Sales

We’re well aware that the official start of summer is still over a month away. But the hot and sunny season that begins on June 20th is one to prepare for right now. No matter where you are in Canada, summer is a season that most people look forward to. Thanks to the warmth and sunshine, we all have more opportunities to enjoy more of the great outdoors.

As a retailer, there are many ways to take advantage of the forthcoming summer season. But with the pandemic still a burden, it’s wise to focus the majority of your marketing efforts on e-commerce. What can you do to prepare your online store for sizzling summer sales?

Create a “movie trailer”.

The summertime is well known for being the period in the year when major blockbuster movies are released. And there’s nothing that grows the anticipation for such films than the release of their trailers. While you may not need to film a teaser of your own, it’s wise to advertise the fact that you have some big surprises coming for your customers this summer. Growing a buzz early will be a key to the season’s success.

“Peak customers’ interest a few weeks in advance by giving a glimpse of what’s to come,” encourages Sinapsis on Oct8ne.com, “This will ensure that your audience keeps a lookout on different social networks. Prepare a strong launch, to the best of your ability; it will also help to have a corporate blog and external media.”

Monitor your marketing techniques to see which ones work the best.

Not every marketing strategy is a winning one. That’s why it’s wise to invest some time, money and energy into figuring out which campaigns provide you with the best returns on investment. Ideally, you’ll be utilizing your social media platforms to push your online store. But which accounts are generating the most link clicks? On SalesLayer.com, Jorge Romero offers some insight on how to confirm which campaigns are your most successful.

“You can program campaigns with discount codes, this way you’ll know which message appeals more to your public,” he informs, “Or advertise a recommendation action through which some client ambassador of yours recommends your product in exchange for a discount. There are infinite options; you just have to pick the one that adapts better to your business.”

Insist on mobile-friendliness.

This cannot be stressed enough. Your online store needs to be easy to access on smartphones. The majority of consumers use their phones to surf the net and make purchases. Even the slightest inconvenience found on your site can send shoppers running.

“It’s pretty common for cell phones to outpace desktop traffic,” notes Sinapsis, “But when summer comes we find ourselves with more mobility…It might be time to take a look at the purchasing process from a cell phone. Maybe it’s not as user-friendly as it should be or, maybe it doesn’t work in certain instances.”

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