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Converge Mobile Payments

  • Works with multiple mobile devices to provide freedom of choice regardless of wireless provider
  • Automatically calculate discounts and taxes  and email customer receipts
  • Accommodates an unlimited number of mobile devices to support businesses of any size
  • Accept PIN debit and credit cards, including mag stripe, chip card and also contact less payments.
  • Converge Mobile app
  • A card reader
  • A Converge Mobile account
  • A mobile device with internet connectivity
How It Works

Three Simple

Download The App

Download the Converge Mobile app from your device's app store.

Setup Mobile Card Payments

On the Converge Mobile Welcome screen, tap Set Up Mobile Card payments and enter you credentials.

Accept Mobile Payments

On the Connect Card Reader screen, touch your card reader type on the list, then follow the step-by step instructions to connect it with your iOS or Android mobile device

why choose us


What is Converge Mobile?

Converge is our next‐generation mobile payments application offering customers a portable and secure way to accept payments on-the-go. Customers must have a Converge account to process payments using the Converge app. The encrypted and portable Ingenico iCMP pin pad is optional but highly recommended as it provides an additional layer of security to each of your transactions. We also offer mobile receipt printers as well.

Which types of mobile devices are compatible with Converge?

Converge Mobile and the Ingenico iCMP work with Android and Apple mobile devices and tablets.

Does Converge print receipts?

Yes! Converge app supports the Star SM T300i or Star SM T220i. Receipts can also be emailed to the consumer and a record of the transaction is accessible within Converge.

Can a signature be captured in the app?

Yes. A signature is accepted using the mobile app. Furthermore the signature is then stored with the transaction in Converge and if your customer elects to receive their receipt via email, their signature will be attached in the email for reference.

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