Making Your Website A Go-To Destination For Back-To-School Shopping

It’s the middle of August. While the majority of school-aged youth want nothing more than to enjoy the rest of summer, business owners have something else on their minds. It’s back to school season! In approximately three weeks time, classrooms all over Canada will be filled again. Naturally, this is the perfect time of year to launch back to school promotions.

Are you an e-commerce business owner? If so, there are some important steps to take in order to make your website a go-to destination for back to school shopping.

Update your site with back to school messaging.

Perhaps, it should go without saying. But let’s say it anyways. Update your website! Make sure there is plenty of back to school imagery and messaging throughout each page. Make it clear to each and every visitor that your e-commerce site is the place to be for back to school savings. Splitit.com shares a number of ways to do this.

“Some ideas for websites involve using popups (also known as overlays or dialogue boxes) to bring attention to new sale items added or encourage an email signup (you’re only limited by your imagination when it comes to popups),” informs the website, “You could also run special promotions or incentives for back-to-school merchandise. You could even try using callouts for items such as ‘perfect for back to school’ or ‘get back-to-school ready’ with specific items.”

Make your offers visible on all channels.

Your high-quality products and competitive pricing won’t garner much attention if you don’t go all out with promoting them. In today’s world, you have many different channels that you can use to advertise your back to school offerings. Utilize your email subscriber list by sending out a newsletter. Alert all of your social media followers through attention-grabbing posts. As Gergo Matyas points out on Stylehub.com, you need to maximize your reach on each channel.

“Getting visibility on social media channels isn’t just about running ads,” he stresses, “Try to do research for relevant groups or influencers and message them for more visibility. Facebook groups have their own habits and dynamics, don’t harm publishing rules.”

Get mobile friendly.

Keep in mind that today’s consumers regularly utilize their smartphones to both research companies and make purchases. If your e-commerce site isn’t easy to navigate on a mobile device, it won’t get much traction. Be sure to confer with your website’s graphic designer about the site’s mobile-friendliness. As Splitit.com reminds us, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced this priority even more.

“E-commerce spending is up over 30%, and businesses have had to quickly adapt,” the site informs, “Consumers want access to stores on their phones, whether it’s books or beauty products, and this trend is likely to continue as the new school year approaches.’

Are you all set up with an e-commerce site?

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