Making Your Restaurant A Springtime Hot Spot

We’re only two days away from the start of spring! We, of course, realize that the winter season will only come to end, in name alone. The recent string of chilly temperatures and snowfall surrounding our headquarters in Toronto has proven that. Nevertheless, we are well aware that warmer days are ahead. What is your restaurant doing to prepare?

Remember that on Monday, March 21, the mask mandate will be lifted in the province of Ontario. The spring and summer of 2022 will be remembered for the end of most COVID-19-based restrictions. We hope, of course, that we will all remain safe and healthy throughout. As a restaurateur, there’s no doubt that this is the time to put efforts into making your restaurant a springtime hot spot.

Spruce up your menus.

For many patrons, a visit to your restaurant will be the first one they have made in many months. Be sure to create a super inviting atmosphere. It’s also wise to spruce things up with your menu. Newly-designed menus will intrigue your guests to take longer looks at what you have to offer. On, Selena Slavenburg also recommends you use your new menus to promote your new offerings to your customers.

“Generate some excitement around your updated menu by offering a ‘first look’ special of 10% off online for one week only, or printing flyers highlighting your new menu items,” she suggests.

Celebrate April Fools’ Day.

We love this idea because April 1st usually doesn’t get the type of recognition it deserves. It’s not a real holiday or anything. And there really is nothing to the day other than the act of playing pranks on loved ones. Why not make the day extra special by celebrating it at your eatery? In the weeks to come, promote special savings for visitors on and leading up to April Fools’ Day. “Eat well and save cash! No foolin’!” is just one fun marketing tagline we can think of.

“Tasteful April Fools’ Day pranks can leave your customers smiling,” believes Michael Elkins on, “Your creative ideas on April 1st can become a tradition at your restaurant. Customers will look forward to the day and be sure to grab a table to see what you come up with each year…The simplest promotion is renaming your regular menu items with funny titles. You can also switch things around by offering lunch at breakfast and breakfast at dinner.”

Launch a social media contest.

You shouldn’t have to be reminded about how important it is to utilize social media to promote your business. But we will remind you anyway! Take to Instagram and Twitter to launch a simple hashtag-based contest. Encourage your customers to take photos of their meals in your restaurant (or even meals they’ve made at home) and post them with the hashtag #FavouriteMeal. Be sure to offer worthwhile prizes and/or discounts and choose winners on a weekly basis.

“Choose a hashtag that corresponds to your restaurant, such as #springathudsons, and invite customers to take photos of your food and use that hashtag,” encourages Slavenburg.

Allow customers to place orders online.

Even with restrictions being lifted, many people will still want to order their food for takeout and delivery. With Unity Payments, you can set up your own online ordering system for your restaurant! Set up your menu, make live menu updates, manage inventory, process takeout and delivery requests, schedule pick-ups, create promo codes and more! To get started, please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-800-661-3761 or email us at