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Making Your Online Store A Go-To Gift-Buying Destination

With the holiday shopping season in full swing, you have a very busy month ahead of you. In anticipation of Christmas, retailers across the country are vying for the attention of gift shoppers. In our last blog, we listed some steps to outshining competitors this holiday season. They included partnering with a charity, offering new hourly and daily deals and giving away branded treats.

But what steps can you take to make your online store a go-to gift-buying destination?

Create holiday bundles.

Undoubtedly, the vast majority of holiday shoppers are looking for deals, bargains and discounts. If they can find them in your online store, you’ll likely secure a lot more traffic this holiday season. By bundling your products, you provide shoppers with more value. Consider packaging some of your best sellers with some of your not-so-great sellers. It offers a win-win solution. You move more inventory than usual and you offer your customers the savings they’re looking for.

“Product bundles are a no-brainer for holiday sales,” states StapleWP.com, “They’re very popular for customers because they deliver greater value than standalone products. And they’re offered at discounted prices. What’s not to love about that? You win by getting a higher AOV which, as explained, is critical for every e-commerce.”

Fire up your YouTube channel.

If you haven’t yet set up a YouTube channel, you should get started! Videos are part of our daily lives. How many have you watched today? Videos are posted and shared all over the countless social media platforms we use every day. Create a fun holiday video. Gather your co-workers in a sing-a-long. If that’s too corny for them, simply send out your best holiday wishes to everyone. Post your video online and be sure to include a link to your online store.

“Holidays are stressful for a lot of people and being humorous in a video format is a great way to take the edge off,” notes James Gilbert of CloudCherry on Forbes.com,, “Video is engaging and people will take more time to watch a video than read a post, or piece of content. Have your team create a fun holiday video showing the chaos of the holidays. Follow up with some direct mail and free stuff and that will get people talking.”

Offer free mystery products.

It’s widely known that free shipping is an online shopper’s dream come true. However, there are other freebies that can greatly increase your e-commerce sales this holiday season. It is the season of giving, is it not? Why not offer free gifts with purchases over a certain dollar amount? Firstly, it will encourage larger transactions. Secondly, it will endear your brand to online shoppers, making them more likely to return to your site after the holidays.

StapleWP.com describes a successful Pura Vida campaign as an example. “First of all, if you spend just a tad bit more (over $30) you qualify for free shipping,” the site explains of the promotion, “And then, there are two mystery products – a mystery bracelet and a mystery ring. Having those mystery items builds upon the intrigue. It’s a surprise tactic that peaks users’ curiosity in a fun and compelling way.”

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