Making That Final Push To Boost Holiday Shopping In Your Online Store

We now have less than two weeks before Christmas Day arrives! It’s not exactly “last minute”, but if you haven’t completed your holiday shopping yet, you’re likely going to be scrambling to find the perfect gifts in the next couple of weeks. Does your company website cater to those looking to find gifts in the last days leading to Christmas? What are you doing to make that final push to boost holiday shopping in your online store?

Provide the option to shop on Instagram.

Instagram is unquestionably one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. It lets people share pictures and videos with ease, making it a go-to app that entertains and informs millions. Be sure to heavily utilize your company’s Instagram account to promote all of the products available in your online store. Propelrr.com encourages business owners to provide their customers with the option to shop directly on Instagram.

“Did you know that 46% of Instagram users make a purchase after seeing a product or service on the app?” asks the website, “It makes sense, given that Instagram is such a visual platform – as a buyer, you can make a faster, surer purchase decision when you see exactly what you’re looking for in a product.”

Update your online store’s imagery.

Revamping the look of your online store is always a must during the changing of the seasons. Doing so clearly communicates to its visitors that your e-store has new and exciting deals that can be taken advantage of with each new occasion. Hopefully, your company website is already adorned with holiday imagery. But maybe it’s time for an update. Get visitors excited by giving them something new to view.

“Make sure your website and social media platforms are visually appealing,” insists DigitalMainStreet.com, “Images are an excellent method to convey a message fast since the brain can comprehend them in less than 5% of a second.” The site goes on to recommend that e-retailers add holiday-themed banners or images; use high-quality product photos or videos; and utilize engaging visuals, like infographics and GIFs.

Trigger FOMO with cut-off dates for product delivery.

FOMO is the “fear of missing out”. When you clearly declare a cut-off date for product delivery, it helps to inspire holiday shoppers to hurry up and complete their purchases. Naturally, people want to get their packages before Christmas arrives. As Propelrr.com alerts us, triggering FOMO can push customers on the fence to buy your products so that they don’t miss out on opportunities.

“One way to trigger their FOMO is to specify a strict buying deadline so that they’re forced to buy right away,” informs the website, “Identify a cut-off date and declare that once this date has passed, the product and prices they want will be taken off the market.”

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