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Making Takeout Your Restaurant’s Top Revenue Source

Here, in the City of Toronto, where Unity Payments is headquartered, we are enduring our second official lockdown. As recently determined by the provincial government, non-essential businesses must close their doors to the public in an effort to stop the spread of coronavirus. Sadly, there has been a dramatic spike in COVID-19 cases in recent weeks. Many of us are wondering if there will ever be an end to this awful pandemic.

Of course, the health and safety of us all is of paramount importance. But, undoubtedly, the lockdown is wreaking havoc on the business world. Restaurant owners, for example, have had to close off customers from dining inside their places of business. Today, only takeout orders are permissible. Needless to say, restaurateurs all over Toronto must make takeout their restaurant’s top revenue source.

COVID-19 has significantly increased the popularity of takeout.

This should go without saying. People will always have to eat. And people will always love the convenience (and deliciousness) of restaurant food. Therefore, it was inevitable that there would be a spike in takeout orders during the first lockdown. This was clearly noticeable back in March and April of this year when the first lockdown hit.

On ResponseLabs.com, Dan Dawes reveals that his company surveyed 125 consumers in the United States to gain insight into how consumer behaviour was shifting amid the pandemic. The responses gave him some clear insight into how restaurants could better position themselves in today’s growing takeout and delivery markets.

Takeout helps to cure both hunger and boredom.

According to Dawes, there are several reasons people choose to order takeout during the pandemic. Among them is supporting the local community. He notes, however, that people began getting bored at home pretty quickly after the first lockdowns were imposed back in March.

“In the few short weeks since the virus began impacting our lives, people are already looking for ways to change things up at home,” explains Dawes, “When asked why people would order carryout/delivery, 46% wanted to break up the monotony of being at home and 42% wanted to treat themselves and their family. 22% noted not having the groceries to make a meal and 18% noted that they were juggling multiple responsibilities and wanting to leave the cooking to others.”

Can customers order food directly from your restaurant’s website?

In today’s coronavirus-impacted world, it’s practically a must. Depending on where you are in Canada, you may have no choice but to offer takeout only. It’s wise to come up with ways to promote your restaurant as one that is extremely takeout-friendly. The team, here at Unity Payments can definitely help you with that!

With Unity Payments, you can quickly set up an online ordering system for your restaurant! Using the online ordering console you have full control of your menu, pricing, images, specials and more. Advanced reporting will give you insights into customer habits while it builds your own database of customers that can be used for future promotions and marketing activities.

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