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Making Money Makers Out Of Your Mobile Devices

Smartphones, tablets and laptop computers make up some of the most widely used electronics on planet Earth. It goes without saying that we live in a predominantly wireless society. With these fantastic mobile devices, we have all been able to keep in contact with the rest of the world while on the go.

Gone are the days when checking emails required us to sit at our desks on our computers. No longer do we need to be in the office or at home to wait for a phone call to come in. We literally have the ability to communicate with the rest of the world with devices that are small enough to fit in our pockets and travel with us wherever we go.

How can you earn money using your mobile devices?

There are many ways, of course. Being active on social media is one of the most obvious steps you can take to advertise your brand and connect with its target audience. It’s vital to be engaging as most consumers appreciate the value that companies place in their supporters. Remember that growing your business often has more to do with customer satisfaction than it does high-quality products and services.

However, your mobile devices can also become money makers in the literal sense. Did you know you can transform your smartphone, tablet or laptop computer into a POS terminal? With Unity Payment’s Virtual Terminals, you can accept payments from anywhere digitally! Especially in today’s COVID-burdened world, it’s incredibly beneficial to your business to be able to take your business to the public – since they often are limited in their ability to visit you in person.

What are the top benefits of using Virtual Terminals?

Well, firstly, they are amazingly quick and easy to set up. No coding is needed. Once set up, you would simply use a free mobile application for Apple and Android devices to begin accepting payments anytime and anywhere. Your new Virtual Terminal will support recurring, installment and future-dated payments. It will provide seamless checkout experiences, allowing you and your team to collect payments and track every sale.

Virtual Terminals are also quite versatile. They have the ability to process phone, fax and even mail orders wherever you have internet access. Just log in to the Converge Virtual Terminal, fill out your customer’s information and charge. With this service, you can scale up easily, with up to 5,000 users as your business grows and evolves!

Which value-added services come with Virtual Terminals?

After converting your mobile device into a POS terminal, you can create quotes and invoices with custom/line item detail. You’re able to send or resend quotes and invoices with links for Hosted Payment Pages. You can email separate confirmations of payment, apply discounts or sales taxes, customize both invoice and payment pages and process refunds too.

With Virtual Terminals, you can charge your customers from any device. All you have to do is log in, input the customer’s information, choose a card and it’s done! But, we’re only scratching the surface here. For more information, please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-800-661-3761 or email us at