In our last blog, we listed a few important ways you could improve your work from home routine. Working from home has become a widespread part of our lives since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic in March of last year. But is remote work here to stay? According to Ian Poetker on, it is.

“Business analysts have been touting the benefits of remote work for years,” he writes, “These experts didn’t factor a global pandemic into their calculations, but then COVID accelerated the switch to working remotely. Now, all signs indicate that these arrangements are here to stay.”

Remote work promotes better performances.

The original idea behind working from home was based on safety. The need to keep socially distant was born out of the wish to stop the spread of COVID-19. However, keeping employees at home has shown to provide other benefits. Research is demonstrating that people are both more productive and able to produce better quality work when they’re not forced to come into the office each day.

“One study found that remote workers create results with up to 40% fewer mistakes,” reports Poetker, “This is fantastic for an employer; higher quality work means less time correcting errors and more time focusing on projects that propel your business. and mistakes. This is fantastic for an employer; higher quality work means less time correcting errors and more time focusing on projects that propel your business.”

Remote work saves everyone money.

When employees don’t come into the office, employers don’t need to supply them with equipment and tools. Money is also saved on the electricity needed to power said supplies. As well, when working from home, employees don’t need to spend money on gas and/or transit fare. Working from home provides win-win financial benefits for everyone involved!

“Telecommuting can also help you reduce other expenses like work clothing, meals and even childcare,” points out, “Saving on the costs of childcare can be especially advantageous to parents working from home.”

Working from home is a healthy choice.

When people come into work each day, they are surrounded by unhealthy food options. They’re often encouraged to visit the cafeteria or make purchases from vending machines when they’re hungry. Naturally, remote workers have much greater access to home-cooked meals. Furthermore, working from home offers more opportunities to improve mental health. Gone is the stress of commuting. Not to mention, one can work at his/her own pace.

“Remote workers also have better mental and physical health than their office-based counterparts due to this reduced stress and increased flexibility to address health issues,” says Poetker, “When employees have the freedom to work remotely, they’re less likely to skip routine preventative care visits and more likely to seek prompt help for medical issues. They also avoid a shared space with coworkers where germs can spread.”

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