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How Wireless Terminals Have Revolutionized The Retail Industry

Unquestionably, the retail industry has been hit hard in 2020. For months on end, many stores were closed in an effort to get the coronavirus pandemic under control. Once stores opened up again, safety protocols were put in place to ensure the safety of both customers and staff members. One of those measures was the encouragement of tap payments. Back in April, Mastercard and Visa announced $250 as their new tap payment limit, replacing $100.

The objective was to have far more customers pay for their purchases using their credit cards without having to physically touch the payment terminals. Wireless terminals make the process even easier. Instead of having to insist that consumers visit their stores, store owners can take their POS terminals to their customers. Wireless terminals have indeed revolutionized the retail industry.

Pay at table solutions are staples at restaurants.

Do you remember the days when you had to hand over your credit card to a waiter or waitress in order to pay for your meal? It feels like ancient history, doesn’t it? These days, it’s the norm to remain seated at your table and just tap your credit card on a wireless POS terminal brought to your table. It makes the payment process quicker, easier and safer.

Of course, fraud is practically impossible when a card doesn’t leave your hands. As well, no one else needs to touch your card during the COVID-19 crisis. This helps restaurant owners to promote their eateries as safe places to dine. If you are restaurant owner, having wireless terminals in this day and age is practically a must.

Any business owner can make sales anywhere.

Regardless of your business type, the pandemic is affecting you. Even if your doors are open, you may be experiencing slower foot traffic than you did before the pandemic. Why not take your products to your customers? Offering a delivery service is a great way to combat the woes brought on by COVID-19. If your customers won’t come to you, why not go to them?

With a wireless terminal, you have the ability to process credit card transactions anywhere and at any time. Even in a pandemic-free society, a wireless solution comes in very handy. Think fairs, festivals, trade shows, food trucks, farmer’s markets and other community events. Wireless terminals are enabling merchants to earn revenue without having to be at their places of business.

The Poynt Smart Terminal has redefined wireless terminals.

At Unity Payments, we’re confident we’ve found the greatest wireless POS terminal of all time! The Poynt Smart Terminal is a fast, powerful and secure all-in-one wireless payment solution. It displays a sleek and modern design which is perfect for table-side, in-aisle or on-the-go payments.

The innovative Poynt Smart Terminal allows both you and your customer a great view of every transaction its dual-facing screens. It also has a built-in printer and scanner as well as an app store to make Poynt a complete payment solution.

Learn more about the Poynt Smart Terminal and how it can help your business by contacting Unity Payments. Please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-800-661-3761 or email us at