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How Using A QR Code Can Revolutionize Your Business

Those interesting little squares with all of the smaller black and white squares within them are really becoming popular, aren’t they? QR codes (short for quick response codes) have been around since 1994. However, the advent of the coronavirus pandemic has brought them back in full force. These days, marketing efforts of all kinds contain QR codes. They allow consumers to quickly scan their ways to company websites and other online locations.

The pandemic has helped with the resurgence of the QR code especially within the restaurant industry. Restaurateurs are using QR codes in their marketing to send people to online menus. The codes enable hungry consumers to place direct orders for food online. Of course, this helps for eateries to grow their sales in spite of having to limit patronage in their places of business. In today’s world, using a QR code can revolutionize your business.

QR codes help to grow e-commerce sales.

These days, e-commerce is everything. It can be argued that there has never been a time in history when online shopping was more popular. As mentioned, the pandemic has heightened our needs to keep safe and healthy. Shopping online instead of in-store is a measure many take to avoid contracting or spreading COVID-19. With a QR code, you can give consumers easy and immediate access to your online store.

“QR codes…facilitate sales and payment processes,” notes Mark Roy Long on Fool.com, “For example, if you have a product with add-on features or that requires supply refills, create a QR code in its accompanying documentation that links to your online payment gateway.”

QR codes give consumers quick access to anything a marketer pleases.

Although QR codes are often regarded as quick and easy gateways to company websites, that isn’t what they are all used for. A QR code an send a user to pretty much anywhere a marketer pleases. Do you have a new YouTube video you want people to see? Developing a QR code and disseminating it to the public can work wonders in growing your video’s views. On Forbes.com, Adam Hirsen encourages entrepreneurs to think beyond websites.

“The most traditional use of a QR code is to send someone to a landing page,” he writes, “While driving consumers to your website is certainly useful, it’s not the only option you have. A QR code is really a visual URL, and a URL can direct users to so many experiences: images and GIFs, mp3s, videos — they can even open the app store and direct a consumer to download your app. There are few limits to how you can take advantage of this tool, so get creative.”

QR codes help solicit feedback from customers

There is nothing like word of mouth promotion to help grow your business. It’s known to all business professionals that the word of a consumer carries a lot of weight. By creating a QR code that sends people to an online location that enables customer reviews, you can significantly grow the reputation of your brand.

“Encourage customers to write freeform comments and leave ratings on your website or submit them to your customer service department,” suggests Long.

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