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How Touch Screen Kiosks Can Help You Grow Your Sales

In today’s world, it pays to be able to service your customers without interacting with them directly. Unfortunately, COVID-19 is making it so that social distancing is a constant requirement. With a touch screen kiosk present at your place of business, you enable your customers to receive customer service without having to worry about coming into contact with other humans.

However, we must say that avoiding people isn’t the top benefit of touch screen kiosks. It just happens to be a plus in today’s pandemic-burdened world. By taking advantage of this great technology, you enable your business to significantly grow its sales.

Touch screen kiosks can entertain your guests.

As all savvy business owners know, growing a customer base has more to do with building relationships than it does selling products. The more people you endear to your brand, the more brand loyalty you’re bound to enjoy. One way to do that is to showcase your company’s personality. You can do that by using your touch screen kiosks to entertain the visitors of your place of business.

“Customers who are more entertained are more likely to make a purchase,” contends Samsung, “In fact, according to the Temkin Group, 86% of customers who receive excellent customer service were six times more likely to repurchase from that company than those that did not have an exceptional customer experience. Increasing the entertainment elements in your store will simultaneously increase the impact of your interactions with customers.”

Touch screen kiosks offer personal attention.

Even during your not-so-busy days, it can be difficult for your employees to tend to every customer who walks through the door. A touch screen kiosk gives a visitor the opportunity to quickly locate information, find products and even place direct orders. This speeds up the service you provide while also relieving some of the stress had by your team members. Ascentic Retail Engineering reports that touch screen kiosks provide a high level of personalized service.

“Every customer is different,” notes their website, “With a kiosk, they can browse through your information as fast or slow as they desire. With a digital retail display, you can provide information about your entire inventory. You can even offer options for ordering goods that are out of stock. Today, touch-screen kiosks can prove more engaging for consumers than speaking with an employee.”

Touch screen kiosks can educate your clients.

Consumers love working with experts. When your company is able to provide pertinent and helpful information, it helps for customers to gain confidence in your brand. They will think of your store when it comes to their needs, knowing that the last time they had questions, they were excellently answered. A touch screen kiosk can provide a lot of insight into your products, services and industry at large.

“If you are a retailer, then you know the inherent challenges in trying to inform your customers about the unique features and qualifications of your products without coming off as ‘salesy’ or invasive,” says Samsung, “The interactive kiosk can inform customers with unique integrations of video and touch screen interactions that show the features and benefits of your product without overwhelming customers who may not be ready for personal interaction.”

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